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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

SafePresence uses state of the art technology such as sensor mats and medical alert systems to aid falls prevention and make a safer, more comfortable home. From the alert system that sounds an alarm when someone leaves their chair or bed to the wireless motion detector that sounds an alarm when it detects motion, we have the ideal elderly alert systems to help prevent falls and wandering.

What are SafePresence Fall Defence Systems?

SafePresence Falls Defence Systems include sensors, monitors and alarms. They help to prevent falls and accidents by alerting your carers if you have wandered from your bed or room.

What are the benefits of SafePresence Fall Defence Systems?

This falls defence system enables automatic contact with carers so you can get assistance right away.

If you are living with a memory condition and are prone to wandering, these sensor systems can let your carers know that you may be in danger of falling or walking somewhere that is unsafe.

What different SafePresence Fall Defence Systems do you offer?

Motion detector – the infrared motion detector senses movements and signals the alarm or pager when motion is detected. They are a discreet way to monitor wandering and quickly alert carers so they can help you.

Sensor mat and alarm – we offer a floor sensor mat that signals an alert system when it is stepped upon. The floor mat can be used in different locations and has a non-slip surface to reduce falls. The alert system can be set to sound an immediate alarm or sound an alarm if you don’t return to your bed or room after a certain amount of time. It can also connect to nurse call systems.

What should I consider when choosing a SafePresence Fall Defence System?

Consider the features of both the sensor mat and motion detector to see which is most suitable for your personal requirements. While the motion detector offers a more discreet way to monitor your movements, the sensor mat alarm can be adjusted to fit around your routine.

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