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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Our digital monitors, object locators, memory prompts and reminders assist you in all kinds of daily and weekly tasks. From recording information on foods and toiletries on a handy pen to the watch that alerts you to take your medication, we have dementia care aids to suit all kinds of individual needs. There are even dementia memory aids that record and play instructional advice so that you can be reminded to attend appointments and other important engagements.

What are monitors, reminders and prompts?

Reminders and prompts are dementia aids that offer you assistance with daily tasks, such as looking for your keys and taking medication. Monitors are camera devices that enable you to check up on your home or someone you care for, even if you’re away or in a different room.

What are the benefits of monitors, reminders and prompts?

Our monitors, reminders and prompts are easy to use and a simple way to improve recollection and safety in your home.

What different monitors, reminders and prompts do you offer?

Object locator – the object locator includes a remote control and multiple keyrings which have corresponding numbers. Simply press the number on the remote and it will activate the beeper on the corresponding keyring. You can attach the keyrings to items around the house to help you find them.

Monitors – the indoor security camera monitors activity inside your home. It has a 180 degree pan to give a wider view of the room and its footage can be downloaded to a memory card or viewed live through a free smartphone app. We also offer a camera and monitor system that enables you to monitor someone you care for, even if you’re away from their home.

Memory aid pendant – we offer a pendant on which you can store a number of personalised messages. You can set alarms to prompt you to play these messages, to help you remember repeat appointments or medication.

What should I consider when choosing a monitor, reminder or prompt?

For our monitors, consider whether you will want to check the monitor when you’re at home with the person you’re caring for or away from the house.

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