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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are medication management aids?

Medication management aids include pill boxes and dispensers that help you keep up with your medication schedule, as well as pill cutters and grinders that make it easier to take your medication.

What are the benefits of medication management aids?

If you have a lot of medication it can be difficult to remember what pills to take and when you should take them, but with correct medication management you can organise your pills so you know what day or time you need to take them.

Whether you take medication once a day or multiple times, our medication management aids can be adjusted to suit you.

What different medication management aids do you offer?

Dispensers – we offer a number of innovative pill dispensers that spin to reveal your medication on set alarms. The pills can be dispensed through a tilting mechanism and we also provide a separate tipper that tilts the dispenser for you.

Pill organisers and tablets – organisers and tablets have small, individual boxes that can each fit several pills. Some organisers have one box for each day of the week, but if you take more regular medication we also have organisers with multiple boxes for each day.

Reminder and alarms – some medication containers have built in alarms and reminders that you can set to appropriate times for you. These containers also feature a vibrating or flashing alarm so they are suitable for people with hearing impairments.

Poppers and cutters – we offer multiple pill cutters that help make tablets easier to swallow. One cutter doubles up as a travel flask and another has a grinding mechanism so you can add the tablet to water. Both cutters feature storage for your medication. We also offer a pill popper, which is designed to push pills out of their packet.

What should I consider when choosing a medication management aid?

Size – where will you be using the medication aids? If you want to take your medication out with you, we have small containers that are perfect for travel as they can easily fit in your bag or pocket.

Style – you should consider which style suits your own mobility when choosing an aid. We offer a range of alarm styles, including vibrations, lights and sound alarms so that our medication managements aids are ideal for a range of mobility requirements.

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