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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are falls and wandering solutions?

Falls and wandering solutions include monitors and alarms that alert carers if you stray or fall from a wheelchair, chair or bed.

What are the benefits of falls and wandering solutions?

Falls and wandering solutions offer a quick and easy way for your carers to be contacted if you need assistance.

What different falls and wandering solutions do you offer?

Sensor mats – sensor mats sit on your bed, chair or the floor and work with a monitor and alarm system. The alarm can be activated when pressure is taken off the mat, which is an ideal setting to monitor wandering from a bed or chair. The alarm can also be activated when pressure is applied to the mat. Sensor mats are supplied alone or in a monitor and alarm kit.

Personal alarms – we offer personal alarms that you can wear around your wrist or as a pendant. They feature a simple button design which you press to contact a carer for help. Some of these alarms are supplied with a pager or alarm that will alert your carer, others are connected to phone lines so the button will call a carer’s phone. We also offer a bathroom pull alarm which sends an alert to a supplied pager when the cord is pulled.

Magnetic cord alarm – we offer magnetic cord alarms that clip to your clothing. They alert carers when the magnetic cord is disconnected from the monitor, but can also be programmed to repeat a voice message, to deter you from wandering whilst your carer is on their way. They can be used to detect wandering from your bed, chair or wheelchair.

Monitors – we provide video monitors for the home and a tracker that can be used on the go. The home video monitor enables carers to see and speak to you, so they can ensure you are safe. The tracker attaches to your clothing and is used with a phone app, to keep carers or family aware of your location.

What should I consider when choosing a fall or wandering solution?

You and your carers should consider whether you are able to call for help with an aid such as a personal alarm, or if your carer should be notified automatically, through a monitor or sensor mat.

Consider where you will be using the aid. From bed mats to bathroom alarms, we have aids suitable for different areas of the home and even monitors and alarms that can be used away from home.

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