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The Solo Call Pager, Transmitter and over-bed mattress Sensor Mat kit picks up an alarm signal, within a 30 metre range, when a sensor mat is activated and can be set with an audio alarm, vibration
This small and unobtrusive SOS button uses mobile technology which allows it to work anywhere there is a mobile signal. It can be worn around the neck or wrist and automatically calls three landline
The Solo Call Pager, Transmitter and Chair Sensor Mat kit can pick up an alarm signal, within a 30 metre range, when a sensor mat is activated and can be set with an audio alarm, vibration alarm or
This generously sized Large Sensor Mat plugs into a monitor or transmitter kit to alert carers to patients who may have fallen and require assistance. Ideal for an elderly person, someone with
Featuring a magnetic pull cord that attaches to the patient's clothes, the Voice Alert™ Monitor will be activated when this magnet becomes disconnected. An alarm will sound to alert carers and a
Ideal for those with visual impairments or living alone and concerned about falling. Panic alarm is small pendant the can be worn around the neck. In an emergency the user presses the button and the
Designed for a carer to monitor when someone gets out of bed, wheelchair or chair to help prevent falls and wandering. A pull cord attaches to the users clothing which when detached will sound an
This wireless calling alarm system includes a main receiving unit and two pendant transmitters. It is ideal for use within the home and has a range of up to 60 metres. The large call button on the
This small, unobtrusive GPS tracker is worn around the neck on a lanyard, and is accurate within 15 metres. The tracker has a built-in falls detector, which does have a user cancelation option
This simple to use, wireless pendant alarm system requires minimal installation. It has a rechargeable pager and can be paired with up to 45 pendants, making it ideal for use in domestic, small care
This simple to use alarm will alert a carer when a person leaves, or falls from, a wheelchair, chair or bed. A small clip attaches to the person's clothing and as they pull on the lead it will
This Mains Adapter is designed to charge the Home Safety Alert System - a wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. Ideal for caring for a
Using GPS to help you to track relatives or patients who are prone to wandering, the Personal GPS Tracker With 2 Way Communication can provide great reassurance for both parties. Small and
The Long Range Home Safety Alert Pager is a simple solution to enable someone to alert his or her carer if needed. Push button pendant will send a message to the pocket pager. The pendant has a
With a large SOS panic button and the ability to provide precise location details to within 15 metres when requested by a carer, the iHelp GPS Tracker & Fall Sensor Pendant also sends Google Map
The Solo Call Transmitter Alarm, and rechargeable Pager unit, can be connected to either of our Premium Sensor Mats M66169 or M66170. The pager picks up an alarm signal, within a 30 metre range, when
Ideal for those with visual impairments, or who are living alone, and concerned about falling. When pressed, the SOS button will automatically call three landline or mobile numbers set by you, one
This bathroom emergency call alert is a wireless safety device used to call for assistance when help is needed in the bathroom. Once the cord is pulled it will transmit an alert to the wireless