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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are clocks and watches?

Our selection of clocks and watches make it easier to tell the time and date, especially if you’re living with a memory, visual or hearing impairment that makes it difficult for you to read regular clocks.

What are the benefits of clocks and watches?

These clocks and watches are easy to use and reduce confusion or worry if you are prone to forgetting. Our clocks and watches mean you can easily check the time and date so you can keep appointments or engagements with family and friends.

What different clocks and watches do you offer?

Large display – large display clocks and watches are supplied in analogue and digital options. Clocks with larger numbers are ideal for anyone with a visual impairment, as you can see the time clearly and refrain from straining when you want to read the screen.

Talking – we have alarm clocks, simple button clocks and digital or analogue watches that all announce the time in a clear voice.

Vibrating and alarms – we offer alarm clocks with vibrating pads and an alarm with lights for anyone who would benefit from feeling or seeing, as well as hearing, an alarm. Extra loud alarm clocks are also available which can be triggered by external alerts, such as fire alarms, to give a louder warning signal. They are ideal for heavy sleepers or anyone with hearing impairments.

Dementia clocks – dementia clocks display the time as well as additional information including the day and the date. We offer an analogue clock which shows a sun picture for the day and moon for the night, and a days of the week clock that points to the right day. Personal digital dementia screens and a large dementia ward display are available. They have options to see the time and date, as well as the time of day and additional reminders.

What should I consider when choosing a clock or watch?

Size and fitting – we have watches for men and women so there will be sizes suitable for you, as well as clocks that can be attached to the wall or stand alone.

Individual features – think about your own needs and which type of clocks have features suitable for you. For example, talking clocks are ideal for anyone with visual impairments but not for those with hearing impairments.

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