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Containing a pager, mains powered charger, pillow shaker and ionisation smoke alarm, the Silent Alert Smoke Alarm Kit with Pillow Shaker is an invaluable alert system. Providing you with a way of
This generously sized Large Sensor Mat plugs into a monitor or transmitter kit to alert carers to patients who may have fallen and require assistance. Ideal for an elderly person, someone with
In addition to the information contained in the Daily Information Pack, this Therapy Pack gives seasons, holidays, meals and weather conditions. For use with Large Reality Orientation Board sold
Lightweight, magnetic dry-wipe boards with aluminium frames Colour corner sections- black, grey, red and blue included with each board to match any surrounding Supplied with pen tray and dry-wipe
Featuring a magnetic pull cord that attaches to the patient's clothes, the Voice Alert™ Monitor will be activated when this magnet becomes disconnected. An alarm will sound to alert carers and a
Small and convenient, the Pill Box Reminder can be worn around your neck or in your pocket so that it's always close by. With a real time display and audible alarm, the reminder sounds when it's time
Supplied with a fitting kit which includes 4 heavy duty expandable dyna-bolts, this extra-tough Supra Permanent KeySafe™ made from Zinc Alloy attaches securely to any wall or flat surface and holds
Features a vibration and sound alarm. Compact design for travel. Can be placed under a pillow, allowing the user to 'feel' the alarm. Features two different wake up settings, temperature display,
With a large face and digital display, the Talking Alarm Clock features a button that you can push to hear the time. With an optional alarm and hourly time announcements, this is an ideal device for
Ideal for those with visual impairments or living alone and concerned about falling. Panic alarm is small pendant the can be worn around the neck. In an emergency the user presses the button and the
With the ability to dispense pills up to 28 times in a day, the Automatic Pill Dispenser helps you organise pills into times of the day, or days of the month. There is a choice of time discs to suit
For use with the Voice Alarm Monitor (M99769) - with a large surface area to prevent false alerts, the Voice Alarm Bed Sensor Mat sits under bedsheets and monitors the patient's movement. When the
Designed to be simple to use for any age, this Wrist Worn Emergency Alarm features a button on the tough plastic housing. When pressed in an emergency situation, it activates a loud 130dB alarm to
Convenient and easy to use, the Wall Mounted Panic Alarm is also easy to see. Bright red, this wall-mounted alarm is highly visible and has an ultra bright red LED light that will flash every 30
Helping to increase safety in your home, the Memo Minder plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds when it detects motion. This can be used to remind you to take your medication or leave
Designed to cut pills to make them easier to swallow or grind them so that they can be dissolved in water, the Tabtime Pill Master 2 Tablet Cutter & Grinder is a useful medication aid. It also
Featuring large black numbers on a white background, this Easy to See Radio Controlled Wall Clock has a high quality analogue function. Wall-mounted, it makes it easier for you to tell the time and
Stylish and discreet, the Tabtime Wallet organises your pills for the week inside an attractive outer case. Featuring separate trays for each day of the week and four compartments labelled,
The Economy Week Day Tablet Wallet organises your pills for the week. Featuring separate trays for each day of the week and four compartments labelled, Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime, it helps
With a sensitive construction, the Voice Alarm Chair Sensor Mat sits on chairs and monitors the patient's movement. When the weight is lifted from the mat, an alert is triggered, which sounds beeps