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509 products / 16 per page.
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N54290 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm With Torch

Police Approved Personal Alarm WithTorch

price was £5.99  now £3.90 inc VAT    
now£3.90 inc VAT
M37352 1 Pedal Exerciser With Digital Spy

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

price was £41.18  now £26.39 inc VAT    
now£26.39 inc VAT
M00274 2 Suction Grab Bar

Suction Grab Bar

price was £10.52  now £5.89 inc VAT    
now£5.89 inc VAT
L98229 3 Adjustable Back Rest

Adjustable Back Rest

price was £32.30  now £17.94 inc VAT £14.95 ex VAT
now£17.94 inc VAT
F20524 2 Shower Stool With Handles

Shower Stool with Handles

price was £45.61  now £23.89 inc VAT £19.91 ex VAT
now£23.89 inc VAT
M80270 1 Kura Care Adult Cutlery Set

Kura Care Adult Cutlery Set

price was £14.41  now £7.45 inc VAT £6.21 ex VAT
now£7.45 inc VAT

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NRS Therapeutic Resources

NRS provide a huge range of therapeutic resources to suit any need and requirement. Regardless of physical or mental ability, everybody deserves some form of stress relief, which is why we offer a variety of leisure activities, games, resources and equipment designed to engage the user.

Therapeutic Leisure Activities

Our therapeutic resources involve group activities which everyone can get involved in. Partaking in group games is fantastic for individuals with disabilities as it provides a social life which is fun, engaging and educational, and allows them to learn skills within a group environment. From group music packs to carpet games and activity sets, all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality and are strong and durable.

Therapeutic Resources for the Elderly

Therapeutic resources not only cater for leisure and fun activities; we also supply gym mats, hoist bars and other equipment to assist those who have suffered with an accident or injury to regain movement and independence. Rebound therapy equipment is important for supporting the musculoskeletal system and preventing damage. Here at NRS, we know that no two people are the same, which is why we stock a variety of products for the same person, so you can find the right one to suit you or your loved one.

Therapeutic Resources for the Disabled

Therapeutic resources cover a wide range of products, and you can narrow your search by choosing a sub-category at the top of the page, or just have a browse through our products to see what would suit your needs.
High Quality Therapeutic Resources from NRS
We are committed to providing the best quality products and are confident that we will supply the equipment to suit your requirements. If, however, you can’t find what you’re looking for or would like more information, please give our sales team a call, who will be happy to help you.