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The Uccello Easy Pour Kettle and tipper, has an ergonomic handle and smooth pour action on a stable non-slip base. It comes with an easy to read water level indicator, allowing exactly the required
Making life easier when you're not able to move to sit in bed or your wheelchair easily, the Hydrant is designed to increase independence and reduce the chance of dehydration. Enabling you to drink
Enjoy tasty meals and snacks with the new and improved Kura Care Adult Cutlery Set. Redesigned with high quality handles, including finger indents and profiled grips for accurate finger control, this
Featuring two handles to increase security when you're lifting and holding your mug, the Wide Base Mug With Lid also benefits from graduation marks to help measure liquid intake and a wider base for
Keep clean and dry during meal times and activities with these Abena Disposable Self-Adhesive Clothing Protectors that can be easily stuck to clothes and attached over the back of the shoulders.
Microwave and dishwasher safe, the Feeding Cup is made from clear plastic for a lightweight and easy to hold drinking vessel. Supplied with two lids (not dishwasher safe) for controlling liquid
Feel confident when youre eating by using the EasyGrip® Cutlery Set. Each piece of cutlery comes with a screw end so you can screw your choice of handle on. The set features a knife, fork, splayed
If you're suffering with reduced grip or are unable to tilt your head back to drink, enjoying your regular cup of tea is made much easier with the Spill Proof Cup. Featuring a lid to reduce
A washable, waterproof adult clothing protector, made from an absorbent cotton surface in an attractive Black Watch Tartan pattern. This clothing protector has a PVC under layer, which prevents
Designed to help you pour drinks safely, the Liquid Level Indicator beeps to alert you when the liquid has reached a certain level. Suitable for use in mugs, cups or glasses, this clever little
Designed to help you enjoy your drinks, the Caring Mug is really helpful if you have limited hand movement. Featuring large handles and a wide base, the mug is easy and comfortable to hold and is
Combining the useful and innovative kitchen aids, the NRS Kitchen Spread Board with Spikes & 3 Way Grater offers versatile assistance so that you can prepare many different kinds of meals with one
Ideal for anyone with limited dexterity or who experiences hand pain, swallowing difficulties, tremors or weakness, the Handsteady Mug is a unique drinking aid that can help to make drinking much
Reduce splashes and spills with this ingenious anti spill mug, the clever suction design keeps the mugs fixed to any flat, non-porous surface resisting knocks and bumps. Pick up the mug with the
This talking digital scale, and jug, has a weight capacity of up to 5kg, or 11lb. The scale has easy to operate tactile buttons, a clear display and a distinct male voice, requiring 2xAAA batteries
Hand and wrist issues can make it difficult to eat and enjoy your meals but with the Amefa Cutlery 3 Piece Set, youll be able to eat confidently. Comprising of three pieces of elegantly styled
Scoop up and enjoy your favourite foods with this dishwasher safe Right Angled Caring Spoon. Designed in conjunction with occupational therapists, the handle is angled to minimise hand and wrist
" Designed to help you cut, slice and spread more easily, the Ultralite® Left Angled Knife features lightweight, built up foam handles that are easier to grab and hold than regular cutlery. Angled
Feel confident when youre eating by using the EasyGrip® Spoon. Simply screws into your choice of EasiGrip handle so that you can eat in comfort and enjoy meals and snacks wherever you are. Dishwasher
Stylish and practical, the Amefa Spoon is ideal for anyone with reduced arm, wrist or hand movement. Made from stainless steel, it has a curved black plastic handle that feels comfortable and secure