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What our occupational therapist says…


Rachel is NRS Healthcare’s Clinical Lead and works at our Head Office in Leicester. With 24 years experience in Occupational Therapy, Rachel has a superb and varied knowledge of the subject – making her the ideal person to explain more about the equipment we offer and how it can help those who are more vulnerable stay safe and independent at home, or when out and about.

Are these kitchen aids OK for disabled or older people?

The kitchen aids within our eating and drinking section are designed to make mealtimes easier for people living with a disability or health condition which affects their ability to prepare meals easily and eat or drink using everyday utensils – whether they are young or old.

A weaker grip, poor vision or having the use of only one hand can make simple tasks, such as chopping or scooping up food, a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Our kitchen aids can make these tasks and others much quicker and less complicated – particularly for those living with:

How useful are eating aids and drinking aids on a daily basis?

Eating aids and drinking aids can be invaluable to someone who finds it difficult to hold and use everyday cutlery, cups and plates. Being able to have a drink and feed yourself independently plays a massive role in people’s wellbeing and dignity. That’s why dining aids such as our adapted angled cutlery or coloured crockery, and drinking aids like the Hydrant Bottle, are popular with so many of our customers who are living with a disability or age related condition which affects their grip, upper body mobility or vision.

In addition, we also offer dining aids that make mealtimes much easier for carers. A non-slip mat, for example, will stop the plate skidding on the table and allows those you care for to scoop up food independently – preventing spillages. Similarly, our range of adult bibs can also help keep clothes clean and comfortable, meaning less time is spent washing and more time can be spent enjoying the company of those you care for.

What makes these kitchen aids different to others I’ve seen?

Not only do we ensure our kitchen aids are great value, we also offer a wide range of branded products in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit your personal preferences.

Many of our ‘Openers’ also have universal appeal. For example, our Dycem Jar Opener and Kenwood 3-in-1 Can Opener are suitable for use by both carer and patient to make mealtimes simpler and encourage independent living.

Perhaps the best thing about these kitchen aids though, is that they come with a free product advice line. So, if you’re unsure which product would best suit your individual needs, you can call 0345 121 8111 and one of our professional Occupational Therapists will guide you towards the feeding aids that will have the most positive impact on your daily routine.

How will I benefit from these kitchen aids?

Whether you’re looking to buy something for yourself, for a friend or relative, or as a professional carer, our broad selection of kitchen aids mean you’re likely to find the right piece of equipment, at the right price.

We understand the complications that can arise at mealtimes for people who have a weak grip or a visual impairment, so we stock only the most useful eating aids and drinking aids. For people who need to take longer eating their meals, our keep-warm plates and dishes mean you can enjoy hot food without rushing whilst our coloured crockery is more distinguishable for those living with a visual impairment or dementia.

When it comes to drinking aids, our range of easy sip straws, two-handled mugs and non-spill cups are second-to-none, providing a useful alternative for those living with reduced ability to suck or with a hand tremor.

What are your thoughts on these kitchen aids?

With over 65 years in the industry, we have a lot of experience in seeing just how much difference the right kitchen aids can make to those living with a disability.

Using a selection of well-chosen eating aids and drinking aids not only encourages independent living, it can also improve overall quality of life through confidence boosting and mental wellbeing.

Additionally, many of today’s easy-to-use kitchen aids are well designed and attractive for the modern kitchen.