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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

What are plates and bowls?

Plates, bowls, dinner sets and plate surrounds make up our plates and bowls range. They are tableware specially designed to make dining more comfortable for people with a range of requirements, including visual impairments and limited hand mobility.

What are the benefits of plates and bowls?

The high sided design of our plates enables easy scooping, especially for one handed use, and the wide rim makes them comfortable and secure to carry.

Our plates and bowls range are an easy and affordable way to increase independent eating during meal times.

What different plates and bowls do you offer?

We offer coloured bowls and plates and high sided, sloped and portioned plates which are all suitable for different needs and conditions.

Coloured tableware – we offer plates and bowls with a coloured rim that contrasts against table surfaces. They are designed so that if you’re living with a visual impairment you can distinguish the plates from plain table tops.

High sides and plate surrounds – we provide high sided plates and attachable plate surrounds that both make it easier for you to scoop up food without spillages. They are particularly useful if you can only use one hand when eating.

Portioned – portioned plates have three sections, divided by risen banks for better portion control and assistance when scooping food.

What should I consider when choosing a plate and bowl?

Personal requirements – as our bowls and plates are designed for a variety of requirements it is important to consider and check how each item can help to see whether it is applicable to you.

Design – with our range of styles you can choose a plate or bowl aid that suits you. Consider whether you want a new piece of tableware, or if you would prefer to attach a plate surround to adapt your existing bowl or plate.

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