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Thanks to our rubber bottom bowls which avoid slippage, and anti slip plates, our range of crockery will have you looking forward to meal times as they will be a safer, more enjoyable part of your day. Our wide range of easy to see and use plates and bowls can meet all kinds of requirements ' whether you want them to fit in with your existing cutlery or need them to visually contrast with it and your worktops, our elderly dining selection will assist you in enjoying your daily meals and snacks.

Plate Surrounds

People with limited reduced movement in their hands and arms can find it difficult to eat independently. It is quite common for people to only have use of one hand when eating but a plate surround can help them to overcome the issue and eat quite comfortably by themselves.

Eating Aids

The plate surround acts as a barrier so that the person can push the food against it with a fork before positioning the fork underneath the food and lifting. The barrier gathers the food instead of it being pushed across the plate and also stops the food from spilling off the plate and onto the table or tray.

Using a plate surround significantly reduces the struggle which a person with limited hand movement faces and also allows them to continue to eat without having to ask for somebody else to help them. Click here for more Aids for Daily Living.