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With its textured lip and deep walls, the Medeci® System Plate makes mealtimes more enjoyable. Easier to carry than regular plates thanks to its wide, textured rim, the Medeci® System Plate also
£4.99 £8.99
Simply clipping to the side of your plate, the Plate Surround prevents food spilling off and enables you to scoop food against the surround with just one hand. Lightweight and dishwasher safe, this
Look forward to eating your meal with the Ergo Plate, which features high sides to make it easier for you to scoop up food and also help prevent spillages. The plate also features a sloped base
£8.39 £15.20
The ingenious Manoy Sloped Plate will have you looking forward to meal times again with its intelligent design and lightweight construction that makes eating much easier, even for one-handed users.
Dont struggle to see your plates - enjoy meals and snacks from this Red Rimmed plate, which is easy to distinguish against your worktops and tablesthanks to its bold red rim. Ideal for those with
With a shaped rim and a curved inner lip, the Steelite Plate is easy to pick up and carry and is the ideal plate for anyone living with hand and wrist issues. Making one-handed eating much easier,
With its deep sides and wide rim, the Wade™ Dignity Ceramic Bowl makes living with reduced hand and wrist mobility much easier. You'll be able to enjoy mealtimes again as you hold onto the easy-grip
Look forward to mealtimes again with the Wade™ Dignity Ceramic Plate, designed to make living with reduced hand and wrist mobility much easier. With a sloped interior to help tip food towards you,
Easier to see against kitchen work tops and tables, the Red Rimmed Bowl is ideal for people with visual impairments or dementia. The white bowl design is inclusive and features a simple yet highly
It's important that your crockery fits in with that of those around you and the The Manoy Round Plate is designed for just that. With an inclusive design, it provides you with a sloped surface to
Dishwasher safe and practical for adults and children, the Menu Portioned Plate features sections so that meals can be divided up. The shape of each section allows for easy scooping and makes food
Plate Vital is specially designed to have a concave edge at the same area where the bottom of the plate is inclined. This allows liquid to collect, making it easier to grasp food. The non-slip
Providing discreet assistance when you're eating meals, the Clear Plate Surround fixes easily on to your plate and helps you to scoop up food independently. Its clever design also helps to reduce
This dinner service set is ideal for those with limited co-ordination. It contains a knife, fork and spoon which have large, rounded and cushioned ergonomic handles that enables the user to hold the