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Recommended by the Disabled Living Foundation, the Baby Boa Constrictor grips around lids so that you can simply twist them with minimal hand grip. Simple to use and comfortable to grip, this
The Belliclamp Jar & Bottle Opener features a ram to hold a jar or bottle in place, which you then lean into with your stomach or hip so that you can twist the lid with one or two hands. Featuring
Access your favourite drink or cooking sauce more easily with the Multi Opener, designed with a wrench style head to tackle many different containers. With an ergonomic handle, it's easy to use, even
Designed to provide additional grip so that you can open bottles or jars more easily, the Undo It Jar & Bottle Opener is a V shaped coated metal opener that is secured to the underneath of a shelf or
Designed to grip virtually any object of any shape or material, the Boa Lollipop & Can Pull Set is an invaluable set of kitchen tools. The Lollipop simply slips over tops and lids so that you can
This item is ideal for those with a weak grip, as its long handle offers exceptional leverage and grip. It securely grasps all jar sizes up to 10cm in diameter. Simply adjust the rubber grip pad by
Ideal for opening ring pull tops on cans. Simply place the short edge of the MagiPull can ring under the ring pull and once it is secure apply downward pressure on the lever to easily lift it.
Ideal for those with weak grip, with a comfortable rubber non-slip handle, this clever opener locks onto the tin lid and reduces the need to grip the handle tightly. It also enables the user to
The Kenwood 3-In-1 Can Opener is a free-standing electric tin opener which opens all shapes of cans up to 1.2kg (2½lb) and requires minimal hand pressure to operate. Featuring a soft touch rubber
Simply slipping under the can's ring pull, the Boa Can Pull gives you extra leverage so that prising open cans is much easier. Ideal if you have reduced hand function, this lightweight and easy to
Dont be put off that jar of sauce, you can open it easily with the help of the Tenura® Antimicrobial Jar Opener. This cone shaped non-toxic silicone rubber disc fits over a variety of jar lids and
Reduce pain and strain when trying to open bottles with the help of the Tenura® Antimicrobial Bottle Opener. This small, cone shaped non-toxic silicone rubber aid fits over a variety of bottle tops
Designed to help you open tins, bottles, cans and jars with ease, the Multi Opener 6 in 1 has six different opening options to help reduce strain. It allows you to twist, grip, cut or open many
This 4-in-1 Jar and Bottle opener has been designed to help those with a weakened grip, or limited dexterity. If you need a little extra help opening jars and bottles of various sizes, this opener
Designed with a wide non-slip and soft grip handle, the grip has been designed to protect hands whilst chopping and grating. Simply grip the product and place the fingers/thumbs being used in the
This simple jar and bottle opener helps those with limited grip. Simply place it top of a jar, or bottle, so that the lid is within the recess and the black stopper is pressed against the side of
The unique 3 in 1 combination of bottle and can opener, with a knife sharpener on the back of the product, make a very compact and practical kitchen appliance. The Tristar® 3 in 1 has a magnetic