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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are cutlery aids?

Our cutlery aids include utensils with specialised handles. They are specifically designed for people living with a disability or health condition who may have difficulty using regular silverware.

What are the benefits of cutlery aids?

Lightweight, large handles are easy to grip and enable better handheld stability when eating your food. All our cutlery is sold as individual pieces, or in a set, so you can decide whether you need support with all your cutlery or just singular items.

What different cutlery aids do you offer?

The main feature of our cutlery aids is their large, contoured handles. We have a wide range of these aids, with lots of different styles and colours. However, we also provide angled and coated cutlery, as well as attachable handles, that all have unique benefits.

Angled – we offer a range of cutlery that have wide ended handles with a curved shape. They are designed for anyone with limited hand movement, and we have two versions available, specialised for your right or left-hand.

Coated – regular silverware can be painful to use if you have tremors or limited hand mobility that causes cutlery to knock against your teeth and mouth. That’s why we offer plastic coated spoons, which are much softer and protect your mouth and teeth from any damage.

Handles – we provide a range of attachable handles that can be used on your regular cutlery or the cutlery aids we offer. This includes an attachable strap to fit your hand into, which is ideal for anyone with a loose grip. We also sell tubing that can be cut to your required length to create a bigger handle to grip, as well as a range of interchangeable handles.

Two in one – we have a selection of cutlery that combines a knife and fork. These either have a knife style and fork prongs angled at the end or a fork shape with a sharpened prong which can be used as a knife.

What should I consider when choosing cutlery aids?

When choosing a cutlery aid you must consider your own personal requirements as our products are designed for a range of different needs and symptoms. For example, our plastic-coated spoons are ideal if you have tremors or unsteady hands, whereas our two-in-one style cutlery is perfect for one handed use.

Age – will you or your child be using these cutlery aids? Although many of aids are suitable for most ages, we do have ranges specifically designed for adults or children.

Style – with a range of different sizes, styles and designs you can choose a cutlery aid which best suits you.

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