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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are children’s cups, straws, beakers and mugs?

Children’s cups, straws, beakers and mugs are drinking aids that help young people to stay hydrated and drink independently.

What are the benefits of children’s cups, straws, beakers and mugs?

Children’s drinking aids include a range of mug and cup designs, so they can help children who are living with different conditions.

Drinking aids are a simple and affordable way to help your child stay hydrated, whether they are at the dinner table, in bed or away from home.

What different children’s cups, straws, beakers and mugs do you offer?

Mugs – we offer a range of different mugs with large handles for better grip. Thermo mugs have one or two handles and are insulated, so they can keep drinks warm or cool for longer. The ergo mugs have one handle, grooves and a lip on the outside, so your child can support the cup even if they can’t grip it with two hands. We also offer hand-steadying and anti-spill mugs, as well as an attachable handle to give further support to standard mugs.

Cups and beakers – we offer a wide range of beakers and cups with different handles and lids. Cut out cups are shaped with an opening for the nose, so children don’t need to tilt their head back to drink. They are available with or without handles. We also offer a cup with a lid, which can be used lying down through the use of a straw.

Bottles – the range of hydrant bottles can attach to chairs, beds or wheelchairs, so a drink is always close by. One bottle has a drinking valve lid and the other features a tube which can be clipped onto clothing, so the tube is easily accessible.

Straws and holders – for children who have difficulty holding or tilting cups to drink, straws are ideal. Straws can extend so they are easy to reach and they can even hold liquid in the straw tube between sips. Straw holders keep the straw in place, close to the rim of the glass.

Lids – a range of lids are available for different mugs and cups. They feature spouts to make drinking easier and reduce spills. We also offer a drinks cover which secures over the top of a cup and can be used lying down with a straw.

What should I consider when choosing a children’s cup, straw, beaker or mug?

Style – consider your child’s mobility needs and which style of drink aid will give them the most appropriate support.

Colour – with a range of drinking aids to choose from, your child can pick a design and colour that they like, so they can enjoy drinking and staying hydrated.

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