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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Our specially designed ranges of children's cutlery, like Junior Caring Cutlery, has been specifically designed for children who struggle to use an everyday children's knife and fork. Easy-grip plastic handles on knives, forks, and spoons make feeding safer and more fun for children. The chunky, bendy shapes and bold colours also make them easy to pick up from the table.

What is children’s cutlery?

Specially made for smaller hands, children’s cutlery has curved handles to make knives, forks and spoons easier to grip. Children’s cutlery is designed for children who have limited mobility in their hands or have difficulty using regular cutlery.

What are the benefits of children’s cutlery?

With contoured, chunky handles, children can pick up this cutlery and use it comfortably and independently.

Our children’s cutlery has a discreet and colourful design to make meal times fun and enjoyable.

What different children’s cutlery do you offer?

We offer a set of children’s cutlery, as well as individual utensils. The children’s cutlery set includes a spoon, knife and fork, each with a unique colour. They all have curved handles with finger indents to enable a comfortable grip. We also offer this same spoon, knife and fork as individual products.

What should I consider when choosing children’s cutlery?

If your child has difficulty with just one or two pieces of cutlery you may consider the children’s cutlery that can be purchased individually. However, if you know you child needs further support you might look out for the full cutlery set.

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