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These frames and other standing aids make it much easier for you to sit down and stand up safely from your chair or car. Featuring padded seats and armrests, some can be used in a variety of places. We also supply standing frames to provide great support when getting in or out of chairs. Relaxing is a lot more feasible when you are gently helped in and out of your chair.

Lifting Seats

Lifting seats are one of the best products for helping people to go from seated to standing. The distance between seated and standing is often too far for some people and their body simply cannot carry out the movement. Lifting seats remove the need for the person to rely entirely on their body and instead raise the person gradually and comfortably to a standing position.

Lifting Seat

Standing up from a chair requires a person to use their body strength. For a lot of people this presents a significant injury risk and so lifting seats are essential. They push the person upwards so that they don’t need to use their arms or legs to lift their bodyweight.

NRS Disabled Chair Products