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Our innovative and versatile foot and leg rests are designed to be convenient and comfortable. Some items benefit from two positions for leg and foot support, whilst others can be folded away when not in use. All of our supports are padded to provide comfort for your limbs and feet so that they are kept warm and raised appropriately.

Foot Rests And Leg Rests

NRS has various foot rests and leg rests available to offer people additional support and comfort when sitting at home. It can be uncomfortable for some people to sit with their legs at a right angle from the knee and so raising their legs up so that they are straight can overcome this.

Foot Stool For Elderly

The leg rests available offer different types of support. Some of them allow the user to only have their legs straight whilst others give the choice of a slight angle or completely straight. This variety ensures that people can find the right leg rest to suit their specific needs.

A lot of people find it uncomfortable to extend their legs and place the weight of their legs on their heels. Foot rests are a great way to remove this discomfort and spread the pressure over their heels and lower legs instead.

NRS Disabled Chair Products