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Our customers say Excellent 9.3/10 based on over 8000 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.3/10 based on over 8000 reviews

What are high back chairs?

High back chairs are cushioned chairs, ideal for your living room, that have a taller back rest to give better support to your head and back.

What are the benefits of a high back chair?

High back chairs are a discreet way to provide comfortable head and lumbar support at home.

What different high back chairs do you offer?

All of the chairs we offer have padded arm supports, as well as a strong cushioned back and seat. Each chair differs in its design and colour.

Adjustable – we provide high back chairs that are height adjustable, so you can choose the position which is most comfortable for you.

Wings – a range of our chairs have wings attached to the sides of the backrests, to offer additional support for your head.

Wide – wide high back chairs have an increased width on the seat and back. If you require bariatric support, these chairs are ideal for you.

What should I consider when choosing a high back chair?

Style – all of our high back chairs have a stylish, simple design so they can fit in with your home décor. With a range of colours, you can find one you like the look of!

Extras – if you need a little extra support or want to adjust your chair, make sure you consider our height adjustable chair, or chair with wings.

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