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  • F19145 1 Leg Rest

    Leg Rest

    price was £85.02  now £83.99 inc VAT    
    now£83.99 inc VAT
  • H14471 1 Easylift Portable Lifting Seat

    Easylift Portable Lifting Seat

    price was £144.23  now £101.94 inc VAT £84.95 ex VAT
    now£101.94 inc VAT
  • H86810 1 Adjustable High Back Chair

    Adjustable High Back Chair

    price was £275.72  now £250.80 inc VAT    
    now£250.80 inc VAT
  • M94724 1 Uplift Premium Power Seat

    Uplift Premium Power Seat

    price was £232.80  now £226.80 inc VAT £189.00 ex VAT
    now£226.80 inc VAT
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29 products / 16 per page.
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N54290 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm With Torch

Police Approved Personal Alarm WithTorch

price was £5.99  now £4.79 inc VAT    
now£4.79 inc VAT
L97718 1 Economy Shower Stool

Economy Shower Stool

price was £33.56  now £13.74 inc VAT £11.45 ex VAT
now£13.74 inc VAT
N54216 1 Suction Grab Bar Chrome

Suction Grab Bar - Chrome

price was £12.00  now £10.56 inc VAT    
now£10.56 inc VAT
M37352 1 Pedal Exerciser With Digital Spy

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

price was £41.18  now £25.00 inc VAT    
now£25.00 inc VAT
G31085 1 Plate Surround

Plate Surround

price was £4.10  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
now£1.86 inc VAT
M01278 1 Over BedChair Table

Over Bed/Chair Table

price was £43.74  now £23.70 inc VAT    
now£23.70 inc VAT

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Seating Aids

If you spend long periods of time in a chair, it is important that you select the right chair for you. Selecting the right chair can help you or the person you care for stay comfortable and independent.

Seating Aids for the Home

When selecting a disabled chair or elderly seating you should consider all of the activities the will be carried out in this chair. This might include; watching television, socialising, eating, drinking and transferring from the chair to a wheel chair or standing position. All of these factors will determine which chair is right for you.

Disabled Seating for All Needs

The NRS range of chairs for disabled people and elderly seating covers all needs. We offer the chairs themselves, over chair tabled, foot and leg raiser, lifting seats and raisers and chair alarms. We understand how important it can be to stay comfortable and independent. That is why NRS is committed to providing the very best chairs and seating for the elderly and disabled. We offer affordable solutions that will improve many peoples quality of life. Including seating alarms for added piece of mind.

Choose Your Perfect Chair from NRS

Disability seating and chairs for the elderly are usually fitted with springs or filled with foam. If the seat is too soft, the chair frame may protrude through the cushion, but if the chair is too hard, it may be uncomfortable to sit on.

Seating Aids for the Elderly

We are dedicated to providing the best quality products and are constantly reviewing our range for improvements and any extra products we can add. If you would like any more information regarding our products or can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated sales team.'