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N54290 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm With Torch

Police Approved Personal Alarm WithTorch

price was £5.99  now £4.79 inc VAT    
now£4.79 inc VAT
L97718 2 Economy Shower Stool

Economy Shower Stool

price was £33.56  now £13.74 inc VAT £11.45 ex VAT
now£13.74 inc VAT
M11209 2 Folding Commode

Folding Commode

price was £64.63  now £28.74 inc VAT £23.95 ex VAT
now£28.74 inc VAT
N54216 2 Suction Grab Bar Chrome

Suction Grab Bar - Chrome

price was £12.00  now £10.56 inc VAT    
now£10.56 inc VAT
F18864 1 Dovedale Adjustable Height Commode

Dovedale Adjustable Height Commode

price was £55.14  now £29.94 inc VAT £24.95 ex VAT
now£29.94 inc VAT
M15691 4 Over BedChair Table Wheeled

Over Bed/Chair Table (Wheeled)

price was £45.35  now £29.94 inc VAT    
now£29.94 inc VAT

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Pressure Relief Mattresses

Pressure care is a high priority nowadays as it can result in needless pain and distress for people. Pressure care mattresses ensure that patients are not applying too much pressure to vulnerable areas. Applying a large amount of pressure over a short period of time (for example; somebody who is bed ridden) can result in pressure ulcers or bed sores. A pressure relief mattress or pressure care mattress topper can greatly reduce the chance of bed sores or pressure ulcers.

Pressure Care Mattress

Here at NRS we know how important pressure care management is. That is why we stock the very best range of pressure care mattresses and pressure relief mattress toppers. We offer a range of alternating pressure mattresses, pressure reducing mattress toppers and overlays. We hold a range of static and dynamic pressure relieving mattresses and we are committed to providing you with the very best pressure care products.

Finding the correct pressure care mattress can be difficult, due to the extensive range offered. But here at NRS, we offer help and advice to ensure you get the perfect mattress that fits all your requirements.

NRS Pressure Care Products