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    G31085 1 Plate Surround

    Plate Surround

    price was £3.99  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
    M00274 1 Suction Grab Bar

    Suction Grab Bar

    price was £11.99  now £9.86 inc VAT    
    E88665 1 Large Print Song Book

    Large Print Song Book

    Tax Exempt inc VAT    
    L99209 1 Economy Male Urinal

    Economy Male Urinal

    price was £3.79  now £2.34 inc VAT    
    G44560 1 Kennedy Cup

    Kennedy Cup™

    price was £9.99  now £5.94 inc VAT £4.95 ex VAT
    F19959 6 Divan Over Bed Table

    Divan Over Bed Table

    price was £43.15  now £29.90 inc VAT    

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    Comfort Cushions


    People who spend a lot of time in a chair can experience reduced comfort and even pain. This is common with people who are retired and also people who are in wheelchairs. Using a comfort cushion is one of the best ways to avoid reduced comfort and pain as they offer an increased level of comfort through additional padding.


    Leg Cushion


    Comfort cushions are particularly useful alongside a wheelchair which doesn’t have much padding on its seat. Comfort cushions also come in the form of bath cushions which are very popular as the bath floor is very hard and for a lot of people uncomfortable.


    Most of the comfort cushions can be transferred from a wheelchair to an armchair so that people who experience discomfort when sitting can enjoy additional padding wherever they are.


    NRS Pressure Care Products


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