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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are high dependency seating aids?

Our high dependency seating range is made up of specialised chairs with a full body cushioning system. They are designed to prevent pressure sores on all areas of the body, for people who need to be seated for a long period time.

What are the benefits of high dependency seating?

With cushioned surfaces and braking castors, high dependency seating aids reduce discomfort when sitting down and enable comfortable transportation.

What different high dependency seating aids do you offer?

All of our chairs have cushioned seats and backs, as well as arms, wings and leg rests. Each of our high dependency seats also features braking castors and a tilting system.

Air chair – our air chair has adjustable air bags for effective and comfortable pressure relief. It includes adjustable sides and wings that can fold down for quick transfers. An air chair is ideal if you are at medium risk of developing pressure ulcers and need pressure support for your whole body.

What should I consider when choosing a high dependency seat?

Size – even though all of our high dependency chairs are adjustable, make sure you check all the dimensions of the chair to ensure it will be suitable for you.

Pressure risk – it is vital to know how much you are at risk of developing pressure sores. Each one of our chairs will say whether they are suitable for high, medium or low risk users.

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