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When full body support is required, it's crucial that you are accommodated comfortably and safely. Our range of high dependency seating, including rise recliner chairs, support your limbs, feet, back and head, in addition to providing comfortable arm support. These wheeled chairs are mobile and can be angled to provide optimum comfort when resting.

High Dependency Chair

Many patients are not able to get around at all and are therefore confined to a bed or a chair. Spending a long period of time in a bed or a chair, in the same position, can lead to severe pressure sores. Pressure sores can cause serious amounts of pain and discomfort for patients. Prevention of pressure sores is the best treatment possible; this avoids severe pain and discomfort and also intense treatment.

High Dependency Seating

Our range of high dependency chairs and seating is designed to provide, those with limited or no movement, with comfortable seating for the whole day. The NRS range of high dependency seating is designed to prevent pressure sores and ensure that a patient is comfortable for long periods of time. Pressure sores develop when a large amount of pressure is applied to one part of the body over a short period of time. This can also occur when a small amount of pressure is applied to an area of the skin over a longer period of time.

Preventing pressure sores should be high priority for carers, family and relatives of people that are unable to get around.

NRS Pressure Care Products