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With a cushioning system and tilt in space seating, the Integral Air Chair has a reclining back for complete comfort. With adjustable elevated leg and calf rests and padded adjustable footrests
The Essential Care mattress has a pressure redistributing foam support surface, developed for home care and residential care environments. Its castellated foam surface provides comfort and pressure
"This Repose® Contur Rise & Recliner Pressure Distribution Overlay is a pressure redistribution cushion for use with riser recliner chairs for users at High Risk of pressure ulcers. It uses the
The Modular Foam Pressure Care Cushion offers pressure reduction, as well as stability and a high level of comfort. It comes with a two way stretch vapour permeable waterproof cover which is ideal
The Domus 3 is an alternating mattress designed for those at medium to high risk* of developing pressure ulcers and is available as either an overlay or a full mattress replacement. Domus 3 has an
Suitable for high risk users, the Reflect Pressure Care Cushion features a castellated visco top and high density foam base that work together to relieve pressure and reduce the risk of pressure
Get comfortable on the Cozy Comfort Modular Mattress, designed to distribute pressure across a wide area. Offering great comfort to those at high risk of pressure ulcers, this mattress has a modular
The highly supportive Flo-Tech® Solution Cushion is a combination of a slim moulded foam cushion and dual layer of gel sacks for superior protection for those at a very high/elevated risk of
This air-inflated static overlay offers clinically proven effectiveness in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Using a combination of two multi-stretch high-tech urethane membranes, pressure is evenly
Thanks to its incredible, deep-contoured insert pad, the Softform® Premier Mattress provides enhanced pressure relief, especially if you are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers. As this
Ensure your heels are protected with this pair of Fleece Heel Protectors. Specially created to provide comfort and protection whilst you're in bed or seated, using a recliner chair or foot rest,
Specifically designed to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers, the Prime Comfort Plus Mattress is constructed from castellated foam with side walls for enhanced stability. With a vapour
Ideal for use in your arm chair, the Repose® Air Filled Cushion pumps air into the membranes to relieve pressure and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Effectively distributing pressure, this
Specifically designed to relieve pressure on prominent parts of your body when you're sitting in the office, travelling or using your wheelchair, the Boneyparts Sero Pressure Cushion is effective and
Help reduce the pressure on your heels with this pair of Heel Pads. Generously filled with soft fibre and featuring a multi-stretch PU fabric covering, they can be securely attached to your feet with
Sitting comfortably and safely is vital and the Standard Sero Pressure Cushion helps to relieve pressure on areas that are particularly painful. Its egg-box style foam construction features pockets
This is a high specification, replacement foam mattress designed to meet the demands of the community and care environments. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of
ViscoPro is a high performance visco-elastic pressure relieving cushion. Only the highest quality open cell visco-elastic material is used to create a durable, temperature sensitive foam that will
Reducing the risk of pressure damage to your heels, the inflatable Repose® Boots support your heels above a void, meaning there is no pressure on them at all. Made from a vapour permeable transparent
Ideal for wheelchair users, this Visco Top Pressure Care Cushion is suitable for anyone with a medium risk of developing pressure ulcers. Its generous 50mm visco top layer sits on a high density