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Make sitting and resting more comfortable with our range of pressure relieving aids. Cushioned supports can provide effective pressure care management to sore or delicate limbs, whilst our extensive range of cushions can be placed into your favourite chair to provide critical support and relieve pressure. Sleeping is also enhanced with our range of innovative mattress overlays to relieve pressure for a good night's sleep.

Preventing Pressure Sores

If someone remains sedentary or in the same position for a long period of time, pressure can build up which causes the skin and the tissue below it to become damaged. Pressure ulcers are common for those who cannot or struggle to move as there is no way to relieve the pressure.

Pressure Care Products from NRS

Preventing pressure sores is far more effective than treating them. Preventing pressure sores causes the patient far less pain and discomfort and allows them to live without distress. If a pressure ulcer does occur, treatment can be very intensive and can require specialist equipment; such as an alternating pressure mattress or cushion. If left untreated, pressure sores can become infected and be fatal, and can even cause death. Preventing pressure sores is easy with the range of pressure care products available from NRS.

Pressure Care Prevention in the Home

Pressure care management is the process of preventing pressure sores. Pressure mattress and pressure cushions are used to support a patient and protect them from the painful and distressing pressure sores. NRS provide a range of pressure mattresses, cushions and wedges to help relieve pressure and provide comfort.

Pressure Care Prevention for Professional Care Environments

To prevent pressure ulcers you should regularly change a patient's position and use correct pressure care management products such as pressure care mattress and pressure care cushions to protect vulnerable parts of the body. Pressure care products are vital for professional care settings, where many patients can remain bed bound for long periods of time.

Prevent Pressure Sores with NRS Products

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