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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are over chair and over bed tables?

Over bed and over chair tables provide a portable and stable surface for you to read, work, eat or drink from your bed or chair. They are small, easily mobile tables that are shaped so the base can slide under, or around your furniture and the table top can rest over your legs.

What are the benefits of an over chair and over bed table?

Unlike bedside and coffee tables, this type of table rests over your chair or bed, so you don’t need to bend down and strain.

Over bed tables can reduce the need for uncomfortable transfers if you need to stay in bed after an operation or injury. They are also ideal at home, particularly for anyone with an age-related health condition who may want a steady and accessible place to enjoy a book, drink or meal.

What different over chair and over bed tables do you offer?

Many of our tables double up so they can be used over your bed and over a chair. We provide a selection that are designed to fit over wheelchairs too.

Adjustable – our adjustable range enables you to change the height of the table, or angle the table top if you need to. These are ideal if you will be using the table over beds and chairs, and the adjustable table top is perfect for reading.

Mobile – a lot of over bed tables are portable and feature braking castors. Mobile tables enable easy movement and are especially useful if you want to transfer the table between rooms for different furniture.

Curved – curved over chair tables are shaped to fit closer to your body and enable you to comfortably rest your arms. Curved tables are perfect for armchair and wheelchair users.

Trays – we also provide trays that are designed especially for people living with a disability. Bed trays have fold down legs which fit comfortably over you when you’re sat in bed to give you a surface to rest a drink or newspaper. We also provide a tray that can be used safely with just one hand (ideal if you regularly use a walking stick or other aid).

What should I consider when choosing an over chair or over bed table?

Where will you be using your table? If you think you might use the table in more than one area of your home, you might consider an adjustable or mobile over bed table so it is easy to transport and alter. Additionally, some of our tables are more suited to beds, and others designed especially for chairs, so you will need to consider these features when choosing.

Style – you are not limited by choice! Our stylish over bed and over chair tables are supplied in different designs and colours so you can choose a table you like and that fits in with your home décor.

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