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Avoid painful and awkward stretching to reach drinks, books and papers with an overbed or over chair table. Making it easier to enjoy your morning cup of tea or even breakfast in bed, these adjustable tables fit over your bed or chair, making them ideal for snacking on or for resting your book or glasses on. Whatever you use it for, an over chair or overbed table will ensure everything is close at hand so that you can reach things easily and safely.

Walking Aids

There are numerous products available to make day to day living much easier and more comfortable. Walking aids are one such group of product which offer a great amount of help for people who are a little unstable on their feet. Over bed tables are another example and are very helpful for people who spend a lot of time confined to their bed.

Over Bed Tables

Walking aids for daily living can be as simple as a walking frame which offers support but they might also have more uses too. The home helper trolley carries items so that the user can concentrate on walking instead of having carrying items which could spill or fall. Another popular type of walking aid is the rollator which offers support when in or out of the house.

Over bed tables prevent a person from having to get out of bed to eat, write or do hobbies. They can instead place items on the over bed table and stay in bed in comfort. This is especially helpful for people who are unable to get out of bed following an operation or injury.