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Designed to make a more accessible living environment, the Morris Height Adjustable Settee Raiser helps you get on and off your sofa more easily by raising it to a height that's suited to your needs.
Strong and durable furniture raisers, these Elephant Feet elevate your chair or bed so that you can get on and off it more easily. With your furniture securely elevated to an accessible height,
Ensure your furniture is raised to a height that's comfortable and safe for you to use with the Leg-X Chair Raisers. Supplied as a pack of four, they're great for raising the height of your arm chair
Fully adjustable to meet your individual requirements, the Langham Adjustable Chair Raiser can raise your chairs and tables by adding blocks to each of the four feet. With its criss-cross, adjustable
Ensuring your living environment is safer and more accessible will make everyday activities much easier. The Alexander Universal Chair/Settee Raiser securely clamps onto sofa or chair legs and
Made from attractive bamboo, these cubes offer a stylish way to raise the height of your furniture. They feature a clear lacquer which ensure a hard wearing finish and resistance to water. Available
With your furniture securely elevated to an accessible height, youll find that your daily routine is hugely improved. Sold as a pack of four, these furniture raisers have a simple design in black
Enjoy spending time in your home by raising your furniture up to a more accessible height with these Cone Furniture Raisers. Attaching to the leg or castor of your chair, bed or table, these
Get into bed without straining and enjoy waking up, knowing that your morning routine will be that little bit easier with the Adjustable Bed Raisers. Designed to raise your bed, or other furniture,
Get on and off your bed or in and out of your favourite chair more easily with these Langham Furniture Raisers, which are designed to grip existing furniture legs without damaging them. The
Suitable for use with bed, chair and table legs and castors, these attractive bamboo raisers are finished in a hard-wearing clear lacquer. The 100mm (4') height features multiple recesses to
With two telescopic tubular steel frames, the Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raiser can raise the height of most beds so that you can get on and off more easily. Designed to securely clamp onto
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Raising your chair, bed or sofa to a more accessible height, the Langham Multi Purpose Raiser Main Unit is a strong and sturdy furniture adaptor. It can help you in many situations within your home
Create a more comfortable environment with the Langham Multi Purpose Raiser Clip-Ons. Clipping onto the Main Unit, these raisers create a larger base and lift your chair, table or divan higher to a
The Spreader Bars are designed to secure your chair, sofa or bed once it's been raised by the Langham SureGrip and MPR Furniture Raisers. The Spreader Bars come in a pack of 6 and can be firmly
Designed to make life more comfortable for you, the Medeci® Furniture Raisers can be used to elevate chairs, beds and tables with legs, as well as armchairs and divan beds. Securing firmly to
Helping you to get on and off your bed more easily, the Morris & Alexander Bed Raiser is a set of two tubular steel frames that screw into the bed base to raise it to a more accessible height.
The Adjustable Height Morris Chair Raiser fits securely into place on castor type chairs. They attach using a standard push in castor which fits firmly into place into the castor sockets, once the
Use these wooden cube raisers to raise furniture to more accessible heights. With your bed or chair raised, you can sit down and stand up more easily. Made from strong hardwood, these cube raisers