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What are pillows, raisers and wedges?

Pillows, raisers and wedges are aids that offer you postural support and comfort when you’re seated or in bed.

What are the benefits of pillows, raisers and wedges?

Pillows, raisers and wedges are supplied in a range of styles that can be used in different areas, including your bed, chairs and even your car – so you have postural support wherever you are.

What different pillows, raisers and wedges do you offer?

Wedges – we offer wedges for beds, chairs and car seats. Bed wedges can fit behind your head and back when you’re sitting up, or under your lower legs when you’re reclining. We do supply a padded support and an inflatable wedge which are designed especially for your lower legs. Chair wedges have a comfortable, padded surface and rise at the back to help improve your posture when seated.

Pillows – triangular pillows are ideal to give hugging support to your sides and shoulders as well as your head, but we also have a rectangular pillow with a waterproof design. Additionally, we offer travel cushions, including the fleeced neck support, that is perfect for travelling in a seated position, and the travel bed pillow that is compact and light so you can easily transport it.

Raisers – the leg raiser has a contoured design and lifts your feet and lower legs to relieve pressure and tension. We also offer a mattress tilter, which can angle your mattress at either end to reduce pain and create a more comfortable reclined position.

What should I consider when choosing a pillow, raiser or wedge?

Size – it is important to consider the size of our pillows, raisers and wedges to ensure they fit safely onto your bed or seat.

Style – consider where you will use the pillow, raiser or wedge so you can check which styles are most suitable for your requirements.

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