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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are dressing aids?

Our aids to help you get dressed include sock, button and hair brushing products. With long handles, or innovative designs, our aids help you to get dressed independently in the morning.

What are the benefits of dressing aids?

Getting dressed can be difficult if you’re living with limited mobility, or a health condition which causes pain when you move, as it requires a lot of bending and stretching. Our aids to help you get dressed are designed to reduce any uncomfortable bending and strain, giving you more independence in your daily routine.

What aids do you offer which can help me with dressing?

Adaptable clothing – this stylish range features simple fastenings and wrap around designs, so there is no need for unnecessary straining. Adaptable clothing is ideal if you have difficulty with small buttons and fiddly fastenings, or reaching down and overhead to pull on clothing.

Sock and shoe aids – these aids are especially designed to give you more independence if you find it difficult to put on socks and shoes in the traditional way. Our shoe aids include shoe horns and elastic laces, which both help you slip into your shoes with ease. Sock aids hold your sock or stockings open in place, and have long handles so you can hold the aid at a comfortable height.

Fastening aids – featuring large handles for easier grip, zipper and button hooks are ideal if you have limited hand function, making it difficult to fasten buttons and zips. We also offer a bra angel that makes it possible to put on and fasten your bra with just one hand.

Long handled aids – we offer a range of long handled aids, such as our leg lifters and hairbrushes that enable easy access to areas of the body which can be difficult to reach. Our combi-reacher can be used as an all-purpose grabber, but also has a magnet and shoehorn attachment to help prevent painful bending.

What should I look out for when choosing aids to help me get dressed?

Which areas of the body do you find difficult to reach? Answering this will help you decide what kind of dressing aid you will need.

Size – make sure you consider the dimensions of any product you purchase to help you get dressed, particularly the clothing range, to ensure it will be suitable.

Style – in order to suit a variety of requirements, we have a range of styles to choose from on products like our sock aids, so you can decide which design is most appropriate for you. All of our clothing has a stylish and discreet design, offered in a selection of colours, so you are not limited by choice!

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