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We understand how getting dressed independently is important and our adaptive dressing aids can assist you in carrying on with your daily routines. Take a look at our range of dressing sticks and leg lifters which are perfect for pulling on clothes easily to avoid painful stretching or injury. Also check out our range of fashionable adaptive clothing.

Bathing Aids And Dressing Aids

Maintaining personal hygiene and dressing independently is obviously very important to people and this is why NRS Healthcare sells various bathing and dressing aids specially designed to make daily routines such as grooming, bathing and dressing much easier.

Personal Care

In the event that bathing becomes difficult and starts to present safety risks bathing aids such as the Nuvo bath lift, bath boards and bath seats can decrease the risk significantly whilst also making bathing much easier and much more relaxing.

Dressing aids usually solve common problems such as putting on socks, tying shoes and putting on tights. The shoe horn is a very popular dressing aid which has been around for a long time. Another very helpful dressing aid is the ready reacher. Although many don't realise, it is an excellent tool for putting on socks and tights without having to bend forward.