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When bending and stretching becomes a problem, it's amazing how much of an impact it can have on even the smallest of daily activities, such as putting on socks or brushing your hair. Our posture support products and comfort aids allow you to get ready independently and go about your day-to-day activities safely and easily without any unnecessary stretching, lifting or straining.

Back Aids

NRS Healthcare has a wide range of back aids, which can help a person to improve their back care and comfort at home. There are many everyday tasks and movements which put stress on a person's back but this stress can reduced significantly with simple and affordable products.

Overreaching, bending and twisting are some of the most common movements which lead to serious back injuries and pains. Simple back aids like the ready reacher can drastically reduce the frequency in which a person has to carry out such movements.

Back Aids and Support

The back aids sold by NRS Healthcare vary significantly in their features, benefits and cost. Electric mattress elevators offer a huge amount of assistance to the user and can dramatically improve their comfort at home and even their lifestyle. On the other hand there are simple products like the bed wedge which offer a simple yet effective solution for people who like a firm support when sitting up to watch television or read a book.