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Read in comfort with this large 45 degree Bed Wedge. Angled for ultimate lateral support, this wedge shaped cushion can be used to ensure good support whilst youre sitting or reclining on the floor
Made from nylon and soft terry cloth, the Sock/Hose Aid holds socks and stockings securely whilst you pull them over your feet. With a low friction inner surface for a smooth feel, this dressing aid
Help reduce the pressure on your heels with this pair of Heel Pads. Generously filled with soft fibre and featuring a multi-stretch PU fabric covering, they can be securely attached to your feet with
Featuring a cut out for the bottom of your spine, the Coccyx Seat Wedge is shaped to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, allowing for the spine to fall into a natural position. This correct
With the higher end of the wedge at the back of your chair, the Original Seat Wedge helps to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, keeping your spine to its natural position. This helps to reduce the
Avoid painful or dangerous bending and stretching by using the NRS Combi-Reacher. Featuring a 360º revolving head, its useful for picking up many household items and even benefits from additions like
Designed to help you lift your legs if they are stiff or immobile, the Dual Handle Leg Lifter features a steel rivet reinforced loop for your foot and two handles to make lifting easier. Made from
With a long handle to save you bending down to your feet, the Brevetti Sock Dressing Aid helps you to put on socks and stockings with ease. Its plastic collar holds the sock open for you and the
Designed to make journeys in your car more comfortable, the Slimline Wedge for Cars eases muscle tension in your lower back to prevent the onset of pain. The Slimline Wedge is fitted with a luxury
Carefully manufactured from a pale green tinted durable, non-woven polypropylene. The pillow is not only waterproof, wipe clean and soft but it is also Flame Retardant to BS7175 source 5. Designed to
With its armchair style back and arm rests, the Sit Right in Bed provides you with a supportive rest for you to stabilise yourself and sit up in bed with ease. Comfortable and easy to use, the Sit
Sit up in bed and recline when reading with the support of this angled Bed Wedge. Designed to position you correctly and comfortably for optimal postural support, this wedge shaped cushion is soft
The Repose® Wedge is designed to elevate your lower legs to help prevent and treat vascular conditions. It can also be used for other conditions where support or elevation is required. The wedge is
The Iconicare Shoe Helper is 2.5 feet (30”/76.5cm) tall. One end of the Shoe Helper is a traditional shoe horn to help get your shoes on. The other end is a horseshoe shaped aid to hold shoes in
Made from soft cotton, these Gentle Grip diabetic socks have been designed specifically for those who suffer from diabetes. Moulding to the contours of your legs without any pressure being applied.
The IOMI Footnurse Diabetic Socks are superb cotton rich socks created specifically for diabetics or for those seeking a little more comfort. Created without elastic, these socks do not have the
Keeping your feet warm and comfortable throughout the day, these Heat Holder socks are made with advanced high quality Japanese thermal yarn. The long looped cushion pile holds more warm air,
Specially designed for those with Plantar fasciitis, these compression sleeves ease foot pain by supporting and lifting your foot arch, reducing discomfort and improving circulation. It also helps
Made with advanced Japanese thermal yarn, these Heat holder Thermal Socks keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout the day. The long looped cushion pile holds more warm air, increasing the tog