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With the Therapist Kneeler, you will be able to carry out your patients treatments without the distraction and discomfort of knee pain. Made from polyurethane foam fused with Visco elastic memory
Maintain correct and comfortable positioning in bed or whilst relaxing on your back. With an inner tubular shaped foam core T-Rolls are great for anyone with MS who needs realignment support and they
Ensure youre comfortable and correctly positioned with the handy Posture Wedge. Made from combustion-modified foam, this soft wedge has a flame-retardant polyester cover. Promoting head, shoulder
Made from combustion modified, high resilient foam, the Log Roll has a vapour permeable PU cover. It helps you to stabilise yourself when you are in the side lying position, therefore improving
Designed to be light and portable, the Fleece Neck Support is ideal for travelling. Made from pure new wool, this unique neck support cushion has therapeutic qualities and is great if you suffer with
Designed to make journeys in your car more comfortable, the Slimline Wedge for Cars eases muscle tension in your lower back to prevent the onset of pain. The Slimline Wedge is fitted with a luxury
Featuring a cut out for the bottom of your spine, the Coccyx Seat Wedge is shaped to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, allowing for the spine to fall into a natural position. This correct
With the higher end of the wedge at the back of your chair, the Original Seat Wedge helps to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, keeping your spine to its natural position. This helps to reduce the
Aid circulation and improve lumbar comfort with the Car Back Support, made from memory foam with a luxury velour cover. Comfortable for use on car journeys, this cushion protects pressure areas and
With its armchair style back and arm rests, the Sit Right in Bed provides you with a supportive rest for you to stabilise yourself and sit up in bed with ease. Comfortable and easy to use, the Sit
Ergonomically shaped, the Harley Leg Raiser is a luxuriously comfortable leg support. Contoured to support the back of your knee and heel whilst allowing the calf to relax, the leg raiser also
Help protect your elbows from pressure and skin damage with this pair of Elbow Pads. With a soft fibre filling and multi-stretch PU fabric covering, they can be securely attached to your arms with
Help reduce the pressure on your heels with this pair of Heel Pads. Generously filled with soft fibre and featuring a multi-stretch PU fabric covering, they can be securely attached to your feet with
Get a comfortable night's sleep with the Knee Pillow, designed to strap onto your legs to keep your knees protected and in line with your pelvis. This position aids anyone who sleeps on their side
Easy to fit under your mattress, the Harley Mattress Tilter can be used to angle your head, shoulders, legs or feet. Made from foam with a washable fleece cover, it can relieve hiatus hernia and
Comfortable and easy to use, the Foot Elevator is a simple foam ring that helps to eliminate pressure in your heel. It raises your heel off the surface of your bed and has a top opening as well as a
The Repose® Wedge is designed to elevate your lower legs to help prevent and treat vascular conditions. It can also be used for other conditions where support or elevation is required. The wedge is
This pack helps carers dress those who are largely bed bound, or for whom in-bed care is essential. All held in a handy pack, the set comprises 2 x leg sleeves (green), 1 x arm sleeves (blue), 1 x
Perfect for anyone who regularly sits in an armchair or upright in bed, the V-Shaped Pillow gives extra support for your spine and back to help to reduce aches and pains. This product can be hand
Carefully manufactured from a pale green tinted durable,non-woven polypropylene. The pillow is not only waterproof, wipe clean and soft but it is also Flame Retardant to BS7175 source 5. Designed to