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Ensuring that children feel safe and confident at school is so important and that's why the Rokzi Chair Legs are so useful to fit onto school chairs. Bolting easily onto the legs of standard chairs
Developed in conjunction with Bath Institute of Medical Engineering and Regional Medical Physics Department, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the height adjustable School Chair Footrest offers a stable platform
Ideal for children of any age, the Kaye Adjustable Bench is firm and supportive, encouraging correct postural positioning thanks to its slanted seat. Height adjustable, this bench comes in three
With its low seat height, the Height Adjustable Therapy Stool is designed to offer a comfortable and more interactive seat for teachers or therapists working with children. Height adjustable with
Ensure your child develops the correct posture and supports muscle tone with the MovinSit Cushion. Designed for inflation by pump or mouth, the wedge shaped cushion provides a sloping seat, ideal
Ensure children are comfortable and secure during mealtimes in this Tumble Forms™ Feeder Seat. Easily wiped clean, the seat can accommodate young people during any short-term, upright activity in
A comfortable and more interactive alternative to your childs wheelchair or stander, the Tumble Forms™ Deluxe Floor Sitter Set secures young people in a comfortable seat and positions them at a
This Chair Tray can be added on to the Healthfield Chair Size 2. Easy to wipe down, this multifunctional surface provides a space for children to eat, work or play on. Available in 5 sizes. Please
The Scallop Floor Sitter is a simple, portable and versatile product that has been designed to aid with floor sitting and add extra support when sitting on a chair. It enables the user to sit for
Create a safe and fun environment for children with the Tumble Forms™ Tray. Designed for use with the Feeder Seat, this floor positioned tray is height and angle adjustable so that it can be used by
The P Pod has been developed as a simple, yet effective, postural support for use by children and young adults living with a disability. It comprises a bean bag and symmetrical seat that fits into
Ensure children are secured safely and comfortably with this Tumble Forms™ Floor Sitter Wedge. Used on the floor to provide a base for the Feeder Seat, it helps to create an accessible and safe
The lightweight Seat2Go is a portable positioning system for children to use when travelling. For kids that need minimal support when sitting at the table, on the floor or during play-time, its a
The Early Activity System has been designed to encourage a range of activities based around five key positions: Back lying (supine), Tummy lying (prone), Side lying, Floor Sitting (long sitting), and
The DiscoSit Junior is designed for use with nursery and primary school chairs and relieves pressure on the spinal column, which helps with postural stability. The inflation of the product can be
The Totstander is a simple and easy to use upright stander for younger children that promotes active standing, movement and weight shifting. It can be used as a stander by carers, or as an
The Buddy is an entry level vertical stander, designed for very young children who require low to moderate levels of support whilst weight bearing. Its design enables it to be used as a hip
Ideal for use with a floor sitter, the Corner Seat Table has an angled design that enables children to get close to the table and therefore, closer to their meals or activities. With high rims