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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

What are children’s seats and postural aids?

Children’s postural aids range from cushions to standing frames and help children to maintain a comfortable and correct posture in a number of their daily activities.

What are the benefits of children’s seats and postural aids?

Children’s seats and postural aids offer a simple way for your child to achieve a good posture from a young age, an activity that is vital for later life. They also enable children who have difficulty sitting on floors or standard chairs, to interact comfortably with their peers and family.

These postural aids are fun and colourful, with plenty of different designs for a variety of environments, so children have access to the correct support wherever they are.

What different children’s seats and postural aids do you offer?

Floor seats – floor seats and positioning aids enable children to sit comfortably on the floor. We offer two floor seats that are shaped to encourage a correct posture whilst seated on the floor. They provide varying levels of support but both feature back rests and harnesses to fasten your child onto the seat. Adjustable positioning aids are also available that are used for different seated positions on the floor. They are all comfortable and easy to use, without the need for any tools.

Chairs and benches – whether your child is in a class, eating at the table, or relaxing at home, we have chairs to support their posture. High chairs and an adjustable bench are available, as well as an extensive range of desk chairs and accessories that make school time more comfortable and help improve concentration. We also offer chairs for therapists or teachers so they can lower down to a child’s level and bean bag pods with back supports for relaxing at home.

Tables – we provide desks and tables that are compatible with our postural chairs, so your child can write, draw or eat in a supported position.

Standing aids – we offer aids for children who have difficulty with standing up. Portable and static frames are available with knee rests, foot plates and body straps, so your child is fully supported. They all have different designs and we even supply fun animal frames. With multiple adjustments, they are suitable for a wide range of ages. Cushions – we provide a range of cushions that offer seated and back support. They can be used on a variety of seats and are ideal for maintaining a good posture when travelling or away from home.

Accessories – we have a range of accessories available for different postural aids and seats. Foot, head and arm rests are available, as well as pommels, trays and harnesses.

What should I consider when choosing a children’s seat or postural aid?

Where will you be using the aid? – we have seats available for the floor or to fit chairs, at school or home. Consider where you will want to use it and make sure it is compatible for this area before purchasing.

Mobility requirements – consider what level of support your child requires. Whether you want to help your child maintain the correct posture or they need continued support from a frame or chair, we have seating and postural aids to suit their requirements.

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