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A good night's sleep is vital for children as it helps them to concentrate better during the day and also improves cognitive function. That's why our sleep aids for children are designed to keep bedtime calm and bedrooms safe and welcoming places for them to enjoy. Younger people can rest and play safely with our extensive collection of rests, supports and aids for a wide range of activities.

Seating for Disabled Children

All children have a different requirement, which is why the NRS seating, tables and positioning category covers all aspects of seating for disabled children. It is not as simple as providing an all singing all dancing chair that fits all requirements. We understand that different products are needed to provide the solution for a number of different problems, which is why our seating, tables and positioning for disabled children category is so comprehensive.

We know that children will sometimes require help to move from one position to another; but we are also aware of the sever strain that this can place on the person that is helping them to move. This can often result in injuries or strains, all because the carer, friend or relative doesn't have the correct equipment.

Positioning Equipment

The correct equipment is vital when moving disabled children. Many people think that the correct equipment for moving a disabled child can be expensive and the process can be very time consuming, this is not the case. Having the correct equipment set up in your home can prevent injury to both you and the child and can make your home a happier and safer environment.

NRS Development Equipment