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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Get comfortable and reduce pressure on your neck, back and legs with our pillow and leg raisers for bed. Designed for use with your existing bedding, a padded pillow lifter or leg raiser pillow is a great way to make your bed a relaxing haven. Sit up easily, put your feet up on our leg elevation pillows and prop yourself up to read all without straining.

What are pillow and leg lifters?

Pillow lifters and leg lifters are aids designed to make your bedtime routine easier. Pillow lifters fit onto the top of your mattress with a rising action that lifts you to a seated position. Our leg lifters are rising aids that help lift your legs onto your bed.

What are the benefits of pillow and leg lifters?

Our pillow and leg lifters reduce straining and give you independence in your bedtime routine.

Pillow lifters reduce straining when you sit up by smoothly transferring you to a seated or reclined position in bed. Leg lifters fit on the side of your bed and raise your legs to bed level, to enable more comfortable transfers into bed.

What pillow and leg lifters do you offer?

We offer several cushioned pillow lifters that fit over your mattress. All include handheld remotes to enable independent positioning in bed and to reduce the need for carers assistance. We also provide an inflatable pillow lifter that easily rolls up - this makes it perfect for travel, so you can use a pillow lift even when you’re not at home.

We offer an inflatable leg lifter that fits onto the side of your bed and raises your legs at the touch of a button. It slots onto the side of the bed when not in use for easy and compact storage.

What should I consider when choosing a pillow or leg lifter?

Size and fitting – our leg and pillow lifters fit most standard beds, however, it is important to check the fitting and size of our products, as well as your bed at home, to ensure that the lifters will fit securely and safely.

Storage – will you need to store the lifter away? If so, you might consider one of our inflatable leg or pillow lifters.

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