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What are bed safety aids and support rails?

Bed safety aids are simple products that offer you support when transferring in and out of bed or protect you from falling out of bed.

What are the benefits of bed safety aids and support rails?

Bed safety aids and support rails help to make your bedroom the relaxing and safe place that it should be. Whether you’re straining to sit up in bed or prone to falling out, we have safety aids that can reduce your risk of injury.

What different bed safety aids and support rails do you offer?

Railings and bumpers – we offer railings and bumpers that raise the sides of your bed to prevent you from falling out. Bumpers have a padded surface to reduce the risk of injury if you are prone to rolling or moving around in bed. Single and paired railings or bumpers can be purchased, so you can have protection from one or both sides of the bed.

Rails and handles – we also provide a different type of bed rail that attaches onto your mattress, bed or the floor. It features a strong handle that you can use for support when repositioning, getting into, or stepping out of bed.

Wedges – we offer a draw sheet with side wedges to prevent you from falling out of bed. The sheet fits onto your bed so the soft wedges are either side and you can lie comfortably.

Mats – fall out mats fit next to low beds and have a padded foam surface to protect against injury if you fall out of bed. The fall out mat can be folded for easy storage.

Poles – we offer support poles that fix between the ceiling and floor. They can be installed in multiple rooms, but are ideal to help lift yourself up out of bed. We offer one pole with an optional handle and a pole with a curved grab bar for additional standing support.

What should I consider when choosing a bed safety aid or support rail?

Bed style and size – our bed safety aids are designed for various beds. Therefore, it is important to consider the style and size of your own bed to ensure that it is compatible with the product of your choice.

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