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Sit up and read comfortably in bed with the Adjustable Back Rest, designed to position you in a way thats ideal for you. Adjustable to six different positions, it provides great back support and
Making it easier for you to sit up in bed, the DreamMaster Light Mattress Elevator gently and safely raises you up in bed at the push of a button. Lightweight, virtually silent to use and easy to
The Folding EasyFit Bed Rail gives you stable support when getting in and out of bed and helps you to move from a laying to a sitting position. This bed rail is suitable for all sized divan and
" Designed to offer strong support to help you stand up from sitting, the Security Pole™ With Curved Grab Bar can be easily fitted in your bedroom or living room without wall mounts or fixings.
New with easy use adjustment clamps, the EasyFit Plus Bed Rail has been designed to work on most beds, including slatted bedframes, solid base divans and sprung divans. It can also be used on
Get a good nights sleep, knowing that in the morning, you can wake up and get out of bed easily and independently with the help of the Parnell Bed Rail. For use with any bed frame or divan, this
Get in and out of bed safely and get comfortable when youre in bed with the NRS 2-in-1 Adjustable Width Bed Stick, designed to support you with its strong and durable, chrome and plastic coated steel
The NRS EasyFit Bed guard is designed to prevent you from rolling out of bed. The bed guard has an adjustable sliding guard mechanism, which can be extended or retracted for easy access on and off
As a softer and more comfortable alternative to traditional side rails, these Bed Side Wedges reduce the risk of injury from falling out of bed. Keeping you safely in your bed, these removable
Enjoy a restful sleep, safe in the knowledge that the Ez Adjustable Bed Rail is keeping you safe in bed. Preventing you rolling out during the night, this supportive bar can also be used to help
The Batwing Pillow is an ideal support for use in bed or in a large armchair. The back section is very well padded, like a conventional cushion but the wings provide additional lateral support,
Get comfortable in bed independently with the Bed Rope Ladder, which enables you to pull yourself up to a seated position without the need for assistance. This cleverly designed positioning aid is
Awake and get up easily with the Rise Easy Bed Aid. Attaching under the legs or wheels of your bed, this supportive steel frame makes upper body strength issues much easier to live with and provides
Easy to fit under your mattress, the NRS Standard Bed Stick features a telescopic frame and strong handles to support you. Used to help you get in and out of your bed, the frame also provides
Easy to fit under your mattress, the Harley Mattress Tilter can be used to angle your head, shoulders, legs or feet. Made from foam with a washable fleece cover, it can relieve hiatus hernia and
If youre living with leg pain caused by ulcers or scarring, the Blanket Cradle can really help to relieve pressure and friction from bedding. Made from steel, the rail fits under your mattress and
Using your weight to secure it under your mattress, the Nottingham Nightguard is a cost effective alternative to traditional bed rails. Made from strong, epoxy coated steel, it is easy to assemble
Sliding easily under mattresses and secured effectively with non-slip collars, the NRS EasyFit Bed Rail helps you to position yourself in your bed and provides you with support when youre getting in
"The Bed Bumper Protection System is a fully enclosed bumper system designed to provide total protection by reducing the risk of entrapment and is particularly suitable for dementia patients and
Designed to fit and use on bed rails to add comfort and safety, these Bed Bumpers are suitable for most bed sides and rails on single and double divan beds. Bumpers are made from high quality foam