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Making it easier for you to sit up in bed, the DreamMaster Light Mattress Elevator gently and safely raises you up in bed at the push of a button. Lightweight, virtually silent to use and easy to
Creating a more comfortable rest position, the DreamMaster Light Knee Break provides a sturdy rest to prevent you from slipping down the bed when you're sitting upright. It also acts as a leg rest
Create a more comfortable environment with the Langham Multi Purpose Raiser Clip-Ons. Clipping onto the Main Unit, these raisers create a larger base and lift your chair, table or divan higher to a
The Spreader Bars are designed to secure your chair, sofa or bed once it's been raised by the Langham SureGrip and MPR Furniture Raisers. The Spreader Bars come in a pack of 6 and can be firmly
The easy to install, NRS Rise Easy Mattress Elevator is an affordable solution to assist raising and lowering your mattress to enable easier transfer into and out of the bed. The quiet actuator,