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Relax and enjoy your personal space by making it more comfortable with our range of plus size bedroom aids. We have a great number of plus size bedroom equipment to support those with a higher user weight, including mattresses and pillows which can be raised up for comfort when reading or sleeping with our elevators.

Disability Living Aids

Disability living aids spans a very wide range of products which can be used all over the house. One area which is often overlooked however is disabled chairs. Whilst specifically designed disabled chairs are available, they are also very expensive and there are much better ways to raise the height of a chair to enable the user to get on and off more easily.

Disabled Chairs

A standard chair can be converted into a disability chair using clip-on raisers. These can be added to a chair in increments until the ideal height is achieved. These very affordable raisers can be all that is needed to create a disability chair, disability living aid which allows a person to sit down in and get out of the chair without help from someone else. Click here for more Bariatric products.

The clip-on raisers can also be used to create disability beds and sofas in exactly the same way.