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    271 products / 16 per page.
    L28999 1 Talking Alarm Clock

    Talking Alarm Clock

    price was £12.99  now £7.74 inc VAT    
    now£7.74 inc VAT
    M90871 1 Tena Soft Wet Wipes Pack Of 48

    Tena® Soft Wet Wipes - Pack of 48

    price was £7.35  now £5.52 inc VAT £4.60 ex VAT
    now£5.52 inc VAT
    M00274 1 Suction Grab Bar

    Suction Grab Bar

    price was £11.99  now £9.86 inc VAT    
    now£9.86 inc VAT
    M80282 1 Kura Care ChildrenS Cutlery Set

    Kura Care Children's Cutlery Set

    price was £10.99  now £10.00 inc VAT £8.33 ex VAT
    now£10.00 inc VAT
    G31085 1 Plate Surround

    Plate Surround

    price was £3.99  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
    now£1.86 inc VAT
    L97718 1 Economy Shower Stool

    Economy Shower Stool

    price was £32.39  now £13.74 inc VAT £11.45 ex VAT
    now£13.74 inc VAT

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    Sleeping Aids and Bedroom Equipment

    NRS Healthcare provide a wide range of products to make the bedroom a more comfortable place for elderly and disabled people. For those that struggle with mobility, climbing in and out of bed can be a daily challenge. NRS provide both reclining and electric beds which enable the user to sit up easily, and to make climbing in and out of bed less difficult. These adjustable beds allow the user to choose an angle that is most suitable for them, promoting a comfortable and good quality sleep.

    Bedroom Aids for Mobility

    Alternatively, NRS bedroom aids include grab rails which can be positioned by the bed and removed if necessary. Bed rails are ideal for those who require support while manoeuvring from a lying to a standing position, and provide safety in the form of a barrier too.

    Sleeping Aids for the Elderly

    If falling out of bed is a concern, we provide fall-out mats and bed alarms which limit the risk of injury and alert others to the fact that the user is no longer in bed. NRS offer a selection of bed pads and over-bed tables for the elderly or disabled who remain bed bound for long periods of time, and furniture raisers for people that have trouble lowering themselves down onto a bed or chair.

    Bedroom Equipment for Carers

    For carers, we provide bed hoists and slider sheets to make transferring bed bound people as efficient and comfortable as possible. NRS bedroom equipment is an ideal aid for those that are caring for an elderly or disabled individual.

    Bedroom Equipment for the Disabled

    Feel free to have a browse of our website and all the bedroom equipment that we have to offer. All of our bedroom aids are manufactured to the highest quality.