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What are wash and dry toileting solutions?

Our wash and dry toileting solutions include bidet toilet seats and bidet raisers and handles.

What are the benefits of wash and dry toileting solutions?

Bidets are easy to use and adjust. With two sets of controls you can change the temperature, pressure and direction of the water.

Bidets can help you maintain your independence when using the toilet. They offer an ideal alternative to toilet paper and reduce the need for you to rely on carers.

What different wash and dry toileting solutions do you offer?

Bidet – we offer a bio bidet that fits onto regular toilets to transform them into a wash and drying system. The bidet features remote and side controls which you use to choose between different washing and drying options.

Spacer – the bio spacer raises the height of the bidet toilet seat, to reduce the distance you need to bend to reach your toilet and minimise pressure on your joints.

Hand rails – we also provide railings that attach to the spacer and bidet. The rails can lift up, to offer strong handheld support when you’re using the toilet, or swing down to enable comfortable side transfers.

What should I consider when choosing wash and dry toileting solutions?

Personal mobility – it is important to consider your own mobility needs when choosing a bidet to ensure you choose the product that will give you the maximum support. If you need extra assistance from handheld rails or a raised seat you may consider the bidets additional accessories.

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