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Easy to use, even when lying in bed, the Spillproof Male Urinal is specifically designed to ensure that it doesn't leak. Offering you complete confidence to use it at your convenience, this portable
£18.99 £20.82
Made in a clear polyethylene with handle and snap-on lid, this lightweight, strong and durable bottle has graduated markings for output recording. Must be washed before first use, then you can use
Lightweight, strong and durable this Urinal made from Polyethylene is ideal for use at home and convenient when travelling. The product has been developed in line with strict quality and
Anatomically shaped at the opening for comfort and security, the Female Urinal is a very convenient, portable toileting solution. With graduated markings for output recordings, it is made from clear
Use the Female Slipper Urinal at your convenience in bed or even your wheelchair. This white polypropylene urinal features a rubber end cap and graduated markings. Easy to clean, it offers a discreet
Fitting into the Hospital Style Male Urinal, the Non Return Valve ensures complete confidence when using the portable toileting solution. Its clever design allows urine to flow in but not out,
Designed for your total convenience, this Long Necked Male Urinal has a capacity of one litre and can be machine washed. Easy to use, this portable urinal features a handle and a secure snap-on lid
The Female Portable Urinal is a convenient, portable urinal designed specifically for female use. It is the ideal bedroom aid for users who are confined to bed and struggle to get to the bathroom.
This Cygnet Female Urinal is made from clear polypropylene moulded plastic and has a large integrated handle for ease of use and portability. The urinal has been ergonomically designed with a spout
£3.49 £4.19
The Uribag® offers a compact and convenient storage tube, ideal for men who are incontinent or when there are no suitable facilities. Offers an alternative to a traditional plastic urinal when
Offering both value and convenience, the Economy Male Urinal is a cost effective portable toileting solution. With its snap-on cap and graduated markings for output reading, it has a capacity of one
The Economy Female Urinal can be used standing, sitting or lying down, and is a cost effective and convenient portable toileting solution. With graduated markings for output recordings, it is made
The UriFem® has been designed to offer greater comfort and be easily positioned without assistance. Its anatomical design and stable base prevent leakage and if there is unexpected movement, the
Offering discretion and convenience, the Hospital Style Male Urinal is made from clear polypropylene and features graduated markings for output recording. With a handle and cap, it has a 1.2 litre