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Creating a more user-friendly experience is core to all of our products and so our toileting accessories make daily routines much more comfortable through better toilet hygiene. With bath hoist cushions to prevent pressure sores when using equipment to gel-filled or padded toilet seat cushions for every-day use, we have toilet hygiene solutions to meet a range of needs.

Examination Gloves

Infections are extremely serious and can lead to major illness and in the worst cases even death. There are simple ways to avoid infections however and examination gloves are one. Examination gloves should always be used by health professionals, firstly to protect them from infection but also to avoid transferring an infection from one patient to another. Antibacterial product should also be used to avoid this.

Hospital Gloves

Examination gloves can also be used by regular people as well. Cuts, burns and grazes can all become infected easily and even though you might think your hands are clean, they often aren’t. Simply putting on a pair of examination gloves can protect both you and also your family member or friend from an infection which could become a problem far more serious than the initial injury.

Examination gloves are affordable and easy to use but are an effective way of staying healthy and help Infection Prevention.