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When it's difficult or painful to bend to use your toilet, every-day routines become disrupted and daunting. We understand that a raised toilet seat or padded toilet seat can make all the difference, so ours come in a range of different styles and sizes to meet your needs. From soft or inflatable seats for extra comfort, to raised toilet seats with arms and even uplift seats for ease of use and complete support, we have a hygienic solution that will make hip, back and leg issues easier to live with.

Raised Toilet Seats

Welcome to the NRS raised toilet seat category. Here you will find our full range of raised and inflatable toilet seats. Our range includes inflatable toilet seats, raised toilet seats with arms and red raised toilet seats.

NRS raised toilet seats are designed to help elderly and disabled people get on and off the toilet comfortably. Our range of raised toilet seats is constantly expanding. Here at NRS we understand the need constantly improve our products, to keep up with the ever changing needs of our customers.

Toilet Seat Riser

You can order your raised toilet seat online now, by simply clicking the add to basket button below the product and following the instructions on site. You can also place an order by calling us today.

NRS Toilet Aids