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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

What are raised toilet seats and raisers?

Raised toilet seats and raisers increase the height of the average toilet seat. They are designed to lessen the bending distance to reach the toilet.

What are the benefits of a raised toilet seat or raiser?

Toilet seats and raisers reduce the need for uncomfortable bending if you’re living with a disability or age-related health condition.

All of our raised seats are designed with secure fittings to ensure maximum safety and comfort for you.

What different raised toilet seats and raisers do you offer?

We offer a wide selection of toilet seats, including, padded, coloured and ergonomic raised toilet seats that all have unique features to suit your specific requirements.

Padded – our padded and soft raised toilet seats give added comfort, as well as height, to your standard toilet seat.

Sloped – we provide seats with a slope to either the left or right hand side, to accommodate amputees or anyone with reduced hip movement.

Bariatric – our bariatric products are designed with a higher maximum weight limit for plus size users.

Ergonomic – ergonomic toilet seats are shaped for added comfort whilst seated. They have a slight raise and grip inside the toilet to ensure it doesn’t slide or move when in use.

With arms – we offer a number of toilet seats with attached arms, to give you handheld support if required.

Powered lift seats – our lift seats gently lower you onto the toilet and release slowly when you get up. If you have difficulty with your strength and stability when getting on and off the toilet this may be the best solution for you.

What should I look out for when choosing a raised toilet seat or raiser?

Height – it is vital to consider the height of the seat to ensure it will be high enough, or not too high, for you.

Size and fitting – check the size of the seats to make sure they will fit on your own toilet at home. The fittings for our toilet seats differ; some of our seats can be clipped onto your toilet, other fittings include hook and loop straps. It is important that the seat fits your toilet correctly, so it can be used safely.

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