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Conveniently designed for use in your bed, the slimline, Adult Slipper Pan with Lid provides you with an essential toileting solution when it's not possible to get out of bed to use the toilet.
Made from easy to clean polypropylene, the Oak Leaf Bedpan features a handle for easy use. Ideal for use in bed when youre unable to use a commode or toilet, this bed pan is also designed to be used
The Fracture Pan with Lid is made from high quality polypropylene and is ideal for use in bed, following hip replacements or if you have broken limbs. Easy to position without lifting your pelvis,
Alcohol free and gentle on sensitive and fragile skin, TENA Wash Cream is the perfect replacement to soap and water. Use as part of your regular cleansing routine and incontinence care. Also
Make life much easier by using the Adult Slipper Pan in a place thats convenient for you. Suitable for use in bed, this lightweight green polypropylene bed pan is a wonderful aid that you can use
Comfortable and convenient, the Economy Bed Pan provides you with an essential toileting solution that can help you avoid stressful, painful or often impossible transfers. Its design enables it to be
Make your personal hygiene routine easier with the Tena® Soft Wet Wipes. Ideal for gently cleaning, restoring and protecting the skin, these wipes are easy to use and a great alternative to cleaning
Suitable to use all over your body in the shower or bath, Abena Intimate Care Sensitive Wash is a gentle yet effective cleanser. With a pH of 3.5 it is ideal for children as well as anyone
This 3-in-1 foam comes in a spray can for easy application and is perfect for cleansing, restoring and protecting even the most delicate and fragile skin. The mild, surfactant-free, foaming mousse
Designed to be effective when wet or dry, the Abena Dry Wipes -Airlaid Extra Super Soft are 200mm x 300mm in size. These substantial cleansing wipes are kind to your skin and provide effective
With a pH of 4.5, the mild yet effective Abena Scented Washing Foam removes perspiration salts and odours when soap and water is not available. Simple to use, it contains allantoin to help reduce
Non-woven and suitable for many cleansing needs like hand washing and patient cleansing, these Abena Skin Friendly Wet wipes are a wiping and washing solution in one. Alcohol free, they are a
TENA® Wash Cream is an effective moisturising cleanser that does not need to be washed off. If you're caring for someone who needs frequent cleansing, this wash cream makes your routine much
Ready to use with no water required -great for washing in difficult situations and locations such as during hospital visits or if you are bed bound and find it difficult to bathe. Nilaqua