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Our hygienic and easy to use range of toilet aids help you to enjoy a more comfortable routine. If you struggle with reduced mobility in your legs a raised toilet seat may be of particular use when lowering yourself onto and raising off the toilet. For extra stability, a fixed or freestanding toilet frame can also help support your weight, giving you the confidence to use your toilet independently. We also have a range of commodes, portable bidets and urinals to make reduced mobility much easier to live with.

Toileting Aids

Struggling with toileting can be difficult and embarrassing. Because going to the toilet is very personal, many of our products are designed to help the user maintain independence and privacy while using the toilet, regardless of their needs. We provide a huge range of toileting aids from raised toilet seats, toilet frames and commodes to shower chairs and grab rails.

Toileting Aids for the Disabled

All of our toilet aids are designed to make the user more comfortable when using the toilet and bathing. Ergonomically designed and manufactured to the highest standards, NRS toileting aids cater for all needs, from the elderly to bariatric.

Toileting Aids for the Elderly

We also offer a variety of incontinence aids, such as waterproof bedclothes and bed and chair pads, to minimise damage to upholstery. Affordable and discreet, our incontinence aids are suitable for everyone and are an ideal solution for those that are less mobile.Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance; our range of products and equipment is aimed to make personal hygiene easier for an elderly or disabled person who requires extra support in the bathroom. All of our products promote privacy and dignity for the user.

Bathing Equipment for Those with Mobility Problems

Showering and bathing can be difficult for those with mobility problems, and our range of shower chairs and grab rails are the perfect solution, allowing the user to support themselves so they can shower and bathe comfortably.

Toileting Aids from NRS

Here at NRS, we are dedicated to providing top quality products for any need and requirement. We are committed to providing products and equipment that promote independence and good quality of life, regardless of physical or mental ability.If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.'