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What are wall mounted folding shower seats?

Wall mounted shower seats are fixed to your shower wall and fold down so you can be seated during your shower.

What are the benefits of wall mounted folding shower seats?

Folding shower seats are compact and easily reachable. They enable quick access to a seat when you need to rest in the shower, but fold up to give you plenty of room to stand comfortably.

What different wall mounted folding shower seats do you offer?

Seats – we offer a range of fold up seats without legs. They fit closely to your shower wall and offer a stable place to sit when pulled down.

Seats with legs – many folding shower seats feature two fold down legs that give the seat extra stability. All legs are height adjustable so you can alter them to best suit you.

Back and armrests – we also provide shower seats with two legs, backrest and armrests. With their added support, you can sit back and relax during your shower.

What should I consider when choosing a wall mounted folding shower seat?

Size and fitting – consider the wall fitting of the seat and the style of your shower wall to ensure they are compatible. It is also important to check the sizing of the seat to confirm it will fit safely into your shower cubicle or wet room.

Style – think of your own circumstances and support requirements to help you choose between our range of shower seats. With lots of styles to choose from, you can even select a colour and design that you like.

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