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What are shower screens?

Shower screens are fold up panels that are designed to fit around you in the shower and prevent carers from getting sprayed by the water.

What are the benefits of a shower screen?

Shower screens are quick and easy way to prevent caregivers from getting splashed whilst assisting someone in the shower.

All of our shower screens have a folding design so they are compact and easy to store. They also feature handles so you can lift and carry them with ease.

What shower screens do you offer?

We offer a selection of shower screen sizes, designed to suit your individual height, age and standing ability. Most of our shower screens have a compact two-panelled design, but we also supply a four-panelled shower screen which enables caregivers to get closer to the person they are assisting.

What should I look out for when choosing a shower screen?

Size – will the screen be used to assist a child or an adult? If you’re a caregiver, make sure you check the size, particularly the height of the screen, to ensure that you can safely reach the person you are helping to bathe. It is also important to check the measurements of the screen to confirm that it will fit into the bathing area you intend to use.

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