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A portable or folding shower screen can be a convenient addition to your bathroom or wet room as they enable easy assistance during showering. The height and shape of all our portable shower screens ensure water falls inside the screen so the outside area and carer are kept dry. Available in different sizes and finishes to fit a range of bathroom styles, these are a great addition to shower areas that are used by everyone. When not in use, these handy screens can be easily folded away to open up the bathroom area.

Portable Shower Screens

Portable shower screens are very helpful products for carers who have to assist the person they care for with bathing. A lot of showers and baths offer limited protection to the carer from the water and so there is a very high chance that they will get wet. Portable shower screens can be put up next to any bath or shower so that the carer stays dry whilst still being able to assist the person with bathing.

Bathing Screens

NRS Healthcare's portable screens allow excellent access and protection for the carer and don't compromise their ability to help the person they are caring for. The screens are also light and foldable so that they can easily be stored away when they aren't needed.

This design also makes them ideal for the carer to put in their car so that they can be used with multiple different people. They are also ideal for families or carers to take on holiday so that the person in need of assisted bathing can receive the same assistance in a different environment.