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Enjoy bathing again by using one of our specially designed shower boards or bath boards. Fitted and secured over the sides of your bathtub, these comfortable bathroom boards make getting in and out of the bath a much less daunting experience, especially when used with a grab rail or supportive handrail. Wider shower boards are great for sitting on if you have a shower over your bath and find it's not possible to stand.

Bath & Shower Boards For The Elderly & Disabled

Bath and shower boards are simple but effective products designed to make having a shower or a bath a much easier and more relaxing experience. Bath boards sit across the top of the bath and allow the user to sit down before turning their body and legs over the bath. This removes the need to step into the bath which can be difficult or not possible for a lot of people.

Bathing Aids

Bath boards are particularly helpful for disabled and elderly people as they reduce the chance of a slip or fall occurring. They can also be used as a bath seat if the user would rather not lower their body into the bath using just their arms. Because the bath boards are waterproof, the user can sit on it and wash without actually getting all of the way into the bath.

Shower boards are similar to bath boards as they allow the user to sit on a stable surface and use the over-bath shower to wash. Both bath boards and shower boards are extremely popular with disabled and elderly customers because they take away the risk and effort involved when getting into and out of a deep bath. Click here for more Bathing products.