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From wash creams and wet wipes to long handled bathing aids and spa sets, we've got everything you need to help make your bathing experience relaxing and stress-free. If you find it hard to bend and stretch, our long handled bathing aids are particularly useful as the longer length or bendable handles allow you reach those more difficult areas without causing discomfort. Our effective and easy to use shower and bath accessories enable you to maintain an enjoyable bathroom routine.

Long Handled Sponges and Scrubbers

Ideal for getting to those hard to reach places and maintaining a good level of personal hygiene, long handled bathing accessories from NRS are designed to assist those who may struggle reaching certain areas whether in the bath or shower.

Order Long Handled Bath Accessories Online

These simple yet effective bathing accessories are designed to help the user maintain independence when washing. Place your order for any of our long handled bath accessories online through our secure online ordering system.