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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are children’s bathing aids?

Children’s bathing aids include bath chairs, lifts and even a portable bath. They are designed to give you and your child support during their bathing routines.

What are the benefits of children’s bathing aids?

Our range of bathing aids help to make washing routines more comfortable and enjoyable for your child and more accessible for you.

If your child is unsteady in the bath, bath chairs and lifts are ideal to reduce the chance of slipping and sliding into the water.

What different children’s bathing aids do you offer?

Bath chairs – bath chairs and bathing supports enable your child to sit in a comfortable, secure chair during their bathing routine. We offer adjustable chairs with a strong frame and removable mesh cover that features straps to stop your child from slipping down into the water. These chairs are easily adjustable; you can change the height and seated position to suit your child. We also have two fixed seats, including a contoured seat with pommel and a corner seat featuring a pommel and harness to prevent sliding.

Bath lift – as well as providing a comfortable seat during bathing, bath lifts transfer your child into and out of the bath. We offer two bath lifts with seat and back support and attachable wings. The surfer bath lift is operated through low air pressure and has an extended seat with leg straps and side rails. All bath lifts work with a simple handheld control.

Bath – the child’s bath is mounted on a portable and height adjustable stand, which can be raised to a comfortable height to reduce any strain for parents and carers. It also features a drainage tube for water disposal.

Accessories – we provide a wide range of accessories and attachments for our bathing aids. We have extension bases to raise the height of bath chairs to enable easier transfers and better accessibility for your child. Additionally, we have a lift carrier bag for travel and storage as well as a swivel seat available for bath lifts so your child can be rotated into the bath. Head rests, harnesses, wedges and covers are available for lifts and chairs.

What should I consider when choosing a children’s bathing aid?

Size and fitting – although our seats and lifts are designed to fit most ordinary baths, it is important to check the size of your tub to ensure your chosen aid will fit securely and correctly.

Accessories – make sure you consider the separate accessories if your child requires extra support from a seat or lift. Don’t forget to check which bathing aids they are compatible with!

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