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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

What are children’s toileting and showering aids?

Children’s toileting and showering aids include products such as commodes, toilet frames and shower chairs. They are all designed to make the bathroom a more accessible place for children during their bathing and toileting routines.

What are the benefits of children’s toileting and showering aids?

Our toileting and showering aids help make daily routines easier and more comfortable for children.

We have bathroom aids that are suitable for a range of abilities, whether your child needs handheld assistance using the toilet or full support from a toileting chair.

What different children’s toileting and showering aids do you offer?

Bath steps and platforms – we offer a stackable bath step, which can be built to a small height that suits you. With a non-slip surface, it can be used by your bath or as a toileting platform. We also offer platforms and footrests that fit around your toilet and offer a raised base for your feet. Some platforms also include handles for extra support.

Toilet supports – we have a range of toileting aids, including frames, support handles and back supports. Toilet frames fit around your toilet with hand rails on either side and handles can be attached to your toilet seat, some of which are sold with a platform or kit. Back supports have a low or high back design with a cushion and some also include supports with belts. The harness fits around your child’s waist or upper body making back supports ideal for children who are unsteady or need longer on the toilet.

Toilet seats – we have a range of toilet seats that fit onto most regular toilets. Padded toilet seats have a smaller ring and attachable pommel to add comfort and security to your standard seat. Family toilet seats have a regular design, but create a smaller seat for children and have a non-slip grip. One of our family seats has a soft closing design to reduce fingers getting trapped and we also offer splash guards, to reduce urine splashing onto the seat or floor.

Ferrules and fixings – we offer grey and black ferrules that can replace any worn ferrules on a range of aids, including toilet frames and shower chairs, to keep them stable.

Toileting chairs – our toileting chairs include commodes, which offer a portable toilet for children. We have a height adjustable commode featuring a removable potty and lap belt. Additionally, we offer a chair that doubles up as a commode with optional accessories including footrests, handrails and a splash guard.

Shower aids – our shower aids include chairs and trolleys. The adjustable shower chair has a comfortable, ergonomic design with arm support and non-slip ferrules. It is ideal for children who may require seated support during their washing routine. Shower trolleys offer a comfortable and secure place for you to assist your child during showers. They are easily transportable, with locking castors, and enable safer transfers with drop down sides and a height adjustable frame.

Seahorse – with soft padded seating and optional foot, arm and back rests, the seahorse shower and toileting chair offers secure support during washing and toileting routines. The chair can fit over your toilet or be used with a removable potty as a toileting option, or can be used with its tilting mechanism to enable comfortable seated washing. The seahorse is supplied in a range of sizes to suit different ages and has a variety of separate accessories, including padded linings, harnesses and arm supports.

What should I consider when choosing a children’s toileting or showering aid?

Size and age – we know that children of all ages may require support. That’s why we offer a range of sizes suitable for different ages. It is vital to consider the size of our products to ensure they will be suitable for your child. Fitting – be sure to check the measurements and fittings of our aids to confirm whether they will fit correctly on your toilet or in your bathroom.

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